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As you know I am always excited about receiving guest bloggers hare at urbanvox.net, but when you add it to the fact that this one in special is someone I met in one of my backpacking adventures it makes me extra bouncy! She will be in more adventures here in the blog...

New InstaPost: @ UrbaVox from sitio meteora

Wanted to look deep staring into the distance… But couldn’t stop giggling… Think the sub was starting to get into my head… Lol
One of the reasons I’ve been AWOL lately.
Currently doing the whole hands on approach on getting Meteora off the Grounds. Barn conversion into new accommodations for the Pousada going at full steam!
Kinda feels awesome to do something with my own hands (well.. I’m helping Dandi who knows best… Lol)
And having loads of adventures while I do it… Hell… Driving the Vandeirant #4×4 in dust roads that swirl and curl around the mountains has been an adventure in itself!
Can’t wait to show you what we’re doing!
Documenting it in video/photos is being awesome as well… I predict hours and hours in editing bay tho… *sighs*
Wanna come help? Gi’me a shout! There’s plenty of fun bits and R&R by the pool too… Specially now that days last longer in Brazil! HA!
Carpe Diem!

New InstaPost: @ UrbaVox from

Life… It’s a long road… It goes both ways… And the only one that can decide where to go is the one following it…
Sometimes it is a bloody hard decision to decide which way to go… Specially when it’s so renting to park the car under the shadow of a big tree by the sideline, and watch as the rest of the world passes by…
Need to breathe… Keep going… Where do we go next?

New InstaPost: @ UrbaVox from dedo de Deus

Today oven been up on the Clouds… Funny how much difference a little cloud passing by can do when you are boiling hot!
Visiting Teresopolis today did a lot to brighten up my mood… Even if it was pretty much useless…
Bank holiday so the shops I had to visit were shut… HORAY…
Anyway… I was up in the clouds… And for a bit it was awesome… Now if only I could have some rain at Meteora….

New From InstaGram: @ sitio meteora

Fancy a bit of #foodporn ?
How about some Scabesh Cação Fish & Coconut Mill served with Whole Grain Rice and Pirão made out of some of the Scabesh Sauce…
Delish I say…

New From InstaGram: @ sitio meteora

Today is Saturday so I thought: “what the hell, let’s do some #foodporn”! As it is tradition now here at Sitio Meteora, to welcome the weekends I take over the #kitchen to work out some #creativecooking. With #Halloween fast approaching I thought it would be a cool idea to do something #pumpkin related, so in the menu for lunch today we have mashed pumpkins served with Alcatra Steak fried in a pan with garlic, salt and herbs garnished with a tomato and carrots salad…
It is well with my soul!!!

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