Man vs Mountain: The One With The Heavy Rucksacks

Every adventure has a beginning. In this one our intrepid heroes arrive to day one of three amazing days spent in Wales in which our heroes will experience Snowdon in two very different ways… Stay tuned for this three episode adventure. PS: don’t ask me...

This is what I’ve been Up To @ Sitio Meteora

So today I went for a walk to clear my mind… Been missing my kids and rethinking thoughts that have been going through my mind.
Thinking of people that are way too far right now that I wish could be here with me… The sun is shinning, the flowers are blossoming, the birds are singing… And still… There’s so much missing in that picture.
Laughs and giggles and cuddles and the faces that make it all worth it.
Then I breathe deep… And remember why I’m here… It gives me the strength of making it worth it…
I wish you were here…

This is what I’ve been Up To @ Aparecida, RJ

Yesterday was a day of doing something I hadn’t in far too long! Had almost forgotten how much I loved riding horses.
We’ve been looking into buying a couple for EcoEscapes and might have just found the ones we’ve been looking for as well as a partnership to promote group horseback trips round some of the amazing trails around Sitio Meteora.
I kinda love it when good plans get together.
Only thing is… Well… I might have had developed a case of cowboy legs… my thighs are KILLING me!
All worth it tho!
Gotta Love it when partnerships are sealed with spit roast pork, artisan’s cachaça and loads of laughs and fun between friends. Some old, some new… Still it felt like we’d know each other for a lifetime.
Life rocks sometimes huh!?! ;)
Carpe Diem!

This is what I’ve been Up To @ Sapucaia

My heart almost jumped off my chest today… Driving on the way back to EcoEscapes my step-dad shouted STOP! STOP THE CAR!
I’ve slammed the foot on the brakes so hard the car skidded almost into the fence dividing the dirt road to the cliff ahead.
When I asked what happened he said! Look!!! A Toucan! And that species is pretty rare here too!
None if us was carrying a camera today (damn it!) but I managed to snap a pic with my mobile before it saw me and flew away. It was perching in the tree a falcon usually rests. Good to see him there… Hello little friend. :) #sosmataatlantica

Sun, Nature, & Hot Babes!

Well… yeah… Hot as in Boling under the sun hot… Got you there huh? Anyway… This Blog is all about points of view. I’s all about the way Me and my guests see the world around us… I’ve been spending a lot of time at Sitio...

Creating The Perfect Exhibition Space

Exhibitions come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have a similar purpose: to present and display something to an audience. That ‘something’ may be brand new product range, a clothing line, or perhaps an art project; whatever it is, an exhibition’s aim is to...

Travelling With Kids vs Travelling With Friends

Looking back over my blog recently got me to thinking…I’ve travelled around a lot both alone and with company. I’ve traveled with friends and with my three little monkeys…and both have had their ups and downs. It got me to thinking as to which...
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