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1000 Ways To Love your TOTAL

1000 Ways To Love your TOTAL

Did I ever tell you how much I love being a blogger? No? Well, just so you know the answer is LOADS. In good part mainly because I get to do loads of pretty awesome like, for example, attending to last week’s 1000 Ways To Love your TOTAL MasterClass with Chef Paul Merrett and a team of fabulous foodie bloggers at La Cucina Caldesi in London where we spent a few hours having fun in the kitchen cooking a selection of delicious dishes part of the new collection of recipes hosted at the TOTAL Greek Yoghurt website.

 The Cooking

Now, I don’t know about you, but for me the best part of lunch has always been the cooking, same way that the best part of any trip is the journey. And there is something about the experimenting and mixing of spices and ingredients that simply does it for me. It is all in the process.

And then the smell of the ingredients as they sizzle and boil

And I have also found out that there is nothing better than doing it with people that are so passionate about food that it actually feels contagious. And of course there is the exchanging of tips and tricks which does help a lot… like for example going light on the Paprica and adding a little extra Yoghurt to neutralize a bit of the effect… Yeah… THAT…

And always under the careful eye of Chef Merrett

The Eating

If the best part of lunch is cooking the best part of cooking is eating. Does it make any sense? No? Well… it doesn’t matter because we had Fresh and Smoked Salmon Rillette with Wholemeal Toast for starters, Spiced Butternut Tagine with Pepper & Toasted Fennel Seed Yoghurt Served With Cauliflower Cous Cous as a main course and Semolina Sponge Cake with Almonds, Hazelnuts, Greek Yoghurt and Honey for desert to get busy with. Add that to the great company and what you get is the perfect recipe for a delicious meal (and if you want to try the reciper we played with on the day, just click on the links above).


The TOTAL Greek team have gone above and beyond duty organising the event and it was great fun.

You can see all the photos of the event here and by all means have a go at the recipes linked this post. They are well worth a try, and if you have a favourite one let us know which one on the comments. 😉

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