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Angels With Dirty Faces

Angels With Dirty Faces

Is there any man alive that hasn’t at some point in his life dreamed about the cute girl next door? That one that looks deliciously angelic but that, at least in our imagination, is a sexy little devil? Go on men… Admit it… that fantasy did cross your mind more then once… am I right here?

Fact is that I firmly believe that every woman has both sides in their personality… Even if they don’t know it yet. We all have this little thing to be honest. And to prove my point let me introduce you to someone that has just the right amount of angel and she-devil. Our resident Angel with a Dirty Face, The one and only: Little Miss.

When we first met about a year ago my first impressions were along the lines of “OMG she is an adorable sweet little thing”, Well… Maybe not quite but something like that. And she had a whole new world ahead to discover. In her own words:

“The colourful lights, buzz of people, eccentric outfits, and prices that make you think about putting a second mortgage on the house. West end stages in a right of their own; the clubs. The best kept secret hideouts. The Sex & The city.”

Well the stage is set. Now… Can you picture the metamorphosis?

No? Let me help you then.

The Angel

The girl who makes your heart jump when she enters the room.

The girl who breaks it as she leaves.

The girl you’ll need for a long time, wherever you go.

*As defined by

With A Dirty Face

I’d say THAT is pretty much self explanatory … And all you need to do is look at her cheeky smile…

As I said before, we all have that wicked side within… And we don’t need to go too far out of the way to find it. To Find Little Miss’s all we had to do was point a camera at her. 😉

Today’s burning question is: What is the path to YOUR wicked self?

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