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Make the sun come out in your wardrobe

Make the sun come out in your wardrobe

Although the sun does seem to be making a much welcomed guest appearance lately, here is everything you need to know for when the actual British weather decides to make a come back…

First things first, when it’s raining or over cast you feel  a little silly wearing luminous jeans and a vest top. However, colour is the only way you’ll be able to lift your mood and embrace the summer months even when it’s vile – the key is just the amount of colour you use.

Now, it’s all well and good me telling you to wear a bit of colour and you interpreting that in your own way to suit your personal style, but when it is a bit gloomy outside I feel I lack inspiration and would much rather pull on some dark jeans and a black jumper, so here are some of the ways I might add colour to my look without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Lipstick – go for something bright, but keep the rest of your face fairly neutral and glowing (like it would be if you were on holiday). If you don’t suit harsh bright colours then go for a soft pink, red, or orange; it’s still adding colour but it’s not so drastic that you feel uncomfortable.

Nail varnish – what I love about this is that you can do anything your heart desires – from neon to pastels, or even cute little stickers – but go for something bright and eye catching, after all you are trying to distract yourself from the weather.

Hair accessories – if you’re confident enough to wear a really statement head piece like the studded head bands that seem to be popping up all over the place then go for it, if however you’re a bit like me and would freak out at the thought of everyone looking at your head, go for something simple, delicate, and pretty.

These are just some simple tips that everyone can use, especially for people who are scared of colour. Adapt them to your individual style though – if you’d feel comfortable in a pair of lime green Doc Martens then go for it; they’re bright AND practical for the rain, but if you’d rather be eaten alive than wear something that eye catching, stick to your favourite pair of safe black boots but just make sure you have a gorgeous red lipstick to go with it so you don’t end up looking like the one of the extras wearing all black with a black umbrella.

I’d like to thank my beautiful sister, Isobel for being my model for this article!

About The Author

Bex is our resident fashionista and will be sharing with you coverage of the Fashion Industry from her very own point of view with some cheeky tips and inspiration along the way.


  1. Isobel looks great in these pics! What nail polishes would you reccommend for a budget? Everyone always raves about Barry M but I haven’t tried them yet x

  2. Barry M is so good! They’re fairly cheap and the colour on your nails, is actually the same as the colour in the bottle?! Rimmel are a bit more expensive, but they’re really good especially because they use easy application brushes and they have a range that smells like fruit!


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