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Airport outfit

Airport outfit

I always struggle when dressing for the airport, especially when it’s hot either end. You don’t want to wear shorts because the material on the seats either give you a rash or when you stand up you have to delicately peel yourself off. And when you sit down your thighs quadruple in size.  So my advice is – stick with a skirt; it’s breezy, so you stay cool and it covers weird expanding thighs…  If you’re not really a skirt person then go for cropped trousers, they’re bang on trend lately and you won’t have to deal with sticking to your seat.

Go for a loose top too as its cooler and gives you room to breath. You can never, ever go wrong with a blouse. I don’t care what any magazine may one day say, but blouses will never not be fashionable. A baggy t-shirt looks really cute with a skirt as it makes the whole look a lot more casual if your skirt is a bit more dressy.

Now I’m not going to preach about wearing flats at airports, or when travelling in general because I ALWAYS tell myself that heels will make me look so much better, to end up hobbling off the plane only to do the exact same thing next time I go somewhere. So when I advise flats for travelling it’s only because deep down I know this is the right thing for my tortured feet (but if you do want to wear heels go for wedges as they’re so much easier to walk in).

This skirt was about £8 from Primark. I bought it a while ago but you can find skirts like these in Topshop, ASOS, H&M, and eBay. The thing I love most about this skirt is how versatile it is, so I definitely recommend getting one.

My t-shirt is from H&M, it was 15 euro, so that’s about £12. The print on the front is fresh and it adds a bit of colour to an otherwise very black outfit. Also, your favourite jewelry (preferably something sweet you bought on holiday!) and sunglasses will not only look good, but they’ll keep the post-holiday blues at bay for just a teeny tiny bit longer.My shoes are actually from a little shop in Naples, but you can find loafers like these anywhere – from Primark to Louis Vuitton. I love them because they’re comfy, and the studs and shapes on these give the whole outfit a bit more of an edgy look. But if edgy isn’t really your thing, plain loafers will look really sleek.

I’d always recommend a large bag when travelling, but that’s only because I like to have anything
and everything I may possibly need when venturing away from home. A good book is also a must have when travelling.

It may not necessarily be the most obvious fashion accessory but being well-read is always a good look.


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