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Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival

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Becky Evans (A.K.A. @Becky1b) was at the Notting Hill Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday, here is what she thought of all the colour and commotion;

Notting Hill Carnival

I have lived in London for the past 23 years but it wasn’t until 1993, whilst living in Bayswater, that I started going to the Notting Hill Carnival. Living amongst the throes of it, it was hard to avoid, but what got me hooked was the electric atmosphere, the flamboyant costumes and the fantastic music on offer for everyone to enjoy.

Yesterday didn’t disappoint. I went with a group of my friends. We started off at the Harrow Road & walked (& danced) our way down Ladbroke Grove to Cambridge Gardens where we met up with other friends. We passed lots of colourful floats & hundreds of dancers wearing fabulously bright & in some cases, very outrageous costumes!
I took lots of photos along the way & hope I’ve managed to capture how much fun it was.

I am already looking forward to next years Carnival…bring it on!!

Have you been to the Carnival last weekend? What did you think of it???

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  1. i went once many years a go, it always looks great and the music, and costumes look amazing, but i hate crowds, so i prefer to watch on tv, but i think the coverage was min this year

    • The Carnival has made itself a bit of a bad name because of crime happening in there… it’s a shame tho, because it is great fun and the energy is just incredible there!!!!

  2. I love your blog and snappy casual! I love your faith, approach to finances and your adorable family. I would love the kindle! Thanks for all the excellent post!


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