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Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day

I’m on holiday in Germany at the moment seeing my best friend, and because my best friend is Hannah Bowerbank this means a lot of parties must be attended.

One of these had the theme pool party; I immediately freaked out when images of ridiculously skinny girls in skimpy bikinis flailing themselves all over the place came to mind. I’m not skinny?! I don’t want to show my stomach to family members, nevermind a bunch of strangers. And I couldn’t exactly turn up in a massive jumper, jeans and a coat to hide all my wobbly bits, especially when the party was being held in a delightfully sweaty club.

I know too many of us girls feel exactly the same way (even though we shouldn’t, we should embrace our wobbly bits [although we all know this will never happen in a million years]), so I thought I’d share with you the outfit I opted for. I kept it summery, cool, like I could get in the pool if I wanted to, but most importantly I hid the parts of me I hate the most!

The outfit is from, the crop top was £5, and the high-waisted shorts were £7. A gorgeous outfit for a night out, or the beach at £12. I will be expecting to receive a medal in the post anytime soon.

Now, if you quite like your stomach but aren’t too keen on your thighs you could go for cropped jeans and a crop top to show off your yummy tummy. If you’re not a huge fan of your arms you could wear a kimono like I did – not only does it cover your arms but it doesn’t cling to you and gives you a little more security knowing you have something to wrap around you.

Now not only am I providing you with superb advice for a pool or beach themed party, but I’m also equipping you with a list of items that I feel everyone should have for summer or spring. High waisted shorts will never go out of fashion as they can be dressed up or dress down, cropped jeans are fantastic with heels, and equally fantastic with brogues, and kimonos are perfect not only for summer evenings, but are also perfect for the beach, and a chic night sleep.

The results being that I had a better night then I thought I would; I danced until my feet were actually burning, learnt German words I probably shouldn’t have, drank cocktail mixes that I don’t think should even be legal, lost a game of hangman with two German boys even though the word was English, walked around a club in front of complete and utter strangers with more confidence than I would have done in a bikini, and strolled through the door at 8 o’clock in the morning – all because my stomach was safely hidden under a gorgeous pair of high-waisted shorts.

I like to think the before and after shots prove this…. Maybe.

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