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The Alternative Issue

The Alternative Issue

As a species, humans are a dichotomy, wanting to find reasons to group together, yet searching ways to stand out. At school we are often required to wear a uniform to look the same to aid belonging. Though haven’t we all tried to bend the rules to allow us to look just that little bit different.

As different paths are made available, we get a choice, to choose the one well-worn, or the one less travelled.

We have been thinking a lot about that here at And as a result we have been playing with the website a bit and setting up the stage to implement a few changes in the way we look, On what we bring to you every week and how we can interact with the most important person in this adventure: YOU… yeah… You sitting there… well, maybe not you *points*! But YOU… Hell Yeah!

One of the things we have decided to do is start a Linky. So every 2 weeks our resident bloggers will be bringing their pearls, each on his/her area of expertise, and if you have something to say and would like to blog about it, well… this is your chance!

The theme for this fortnight couldn’t be more relevant to the theme at hand: ALTERNATIVE, so we are looking at the other possibilities available, alternative lifestyles and choices available to us.

For a start up, Bex Knight will look into alternative ways to get that designer look without having to break the bank too. EK McAlpine brings the first of a series of Video Logs starting with a quick documentary on how EK Takes New York with a little help from our friends from AVG. Mrs Teepot Debuts here at bringing a woman’s thoughts on her submission, and asking if 50 Shades of Grey really did bring BDSM to the Mainstream. Icarus tells us about a different place to find new music  called KickStarter. iFlibble  looks investigates if hand held devices can really completely take over the space of your old PC? Sunniva Anne have been playing at the Wonderful kitchen of Total Greek Yoghurt and brings us a delicious recipe for low carb Thai Curry to die for!

Perhaps they will not all be to everyones taste, but that’s the nature of alternative.  We do however hope you find something in there, just for you.


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