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Alternative Fashion

Alternative Fashion

I don’t know about you, but when I read ‘Alternative Fashion’ I think of brands like Criminal Damage, stores like Blue Banana, markets like Camden and a plethora of guys and girls supporting unbelievably straight black hair with streaks of lightning bright colour and incredible layers.
I’m not going to make this into a ‘How to: Emo’ type thing though, don’t worry. Although I think I’d love that.

The definition of alternative as a noun is: one of two or more available possibilities. Simply, it means being able to pick two or more of something, whether that be fruit or a holiday destination. Or, as the Oxford Dictionary rather interestingly puts it, ‘audio cassettes are an interesting alternative to reading‘ and ‘she had no alternative but to break the law‘.

In the case of this article, it just means a choice of clothing.
I’m sure you’ve all seen something you’d die for, but just can’t afford; I know I have. Don’t get down in the dumps about it and cry though it has happened… because I promise you that there’s something very similar, for less.

How can you not love the classic Burberry trench coat? Especially when complete with leather trimmings and a collar. But not all of us have a spare £1,895 to spend on necessities, never mind to spend on a coat. So, after what I’m going to call my intelligence, but was actually a thirty second Google search, here is one for a fraction of the price at £48.99 from
I mean, it’s not Burberry, but it does the job pretty well.


Another timeless classic, this time Christian Louboutin, and at roughly £600 for a pair of shoes they’re not exactly pocket change. I’m absolutely in love with Kim Kardashian’s Lime Louboutins so when I found these nearly identical ones on for £24.99 they were added to my list of must-haves immediately.


It’s even do-able with jewelry. This £180 Yves Saint Laurent ring is beautiful, and it may not seem too much of a bad price considering the quality, design, and name, but when you can get one that’s pretty much its twin for £3.50 you can get one in every colour your heart desires.


If you’ve fallen hopelessly in love with something but don’t have the money and can’t find it or you just don’t have the time to find a cheaper version, then drop me a comment and I’d be more than happy to try and help you out!

About The Author

Bex is our resident fashionista and will be sharing with you coverage of the Fashion Industry from her very own point of view with some cheeky tips and inspiration along the way.


  1. hey!!!! don’t we guys get copies of exclusive things to wear too/????? 😉

  2. My issue with alternative fashion is that it does go big enough for larger ladies like myself. We get left with either evans or evans. I wish people would realise that you can have larger sized goths, emo’s or people who just want to break from the normal.

    • Criminal Damage jeans always fit SO well I find. I’ve only have 2 pairs but they just fit perfectly. I used to have a bright yellow pair!!!

  3. wow, fantastic alternative finds, Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve been wanting a Yves saint laurent ring for ageeeees now! I love detailing within outfits, I just think it ties the whole look in together, I love iron fist clothing for this! they always have some great quirky and unique finds.


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