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AVG team up with FaceBook

AVG team up with FaceBook

AVG and Facebook have announced that they will team up, to provide their subscribers with greater security using AVG’s LinkScanner service. Yes! I can hear you all say Oh that’s nice. Why is this big news? Why should you care as you have antivirus software on your PC (at least I hope so)?

When you think about how computing has changed over the past few years; how we are moving away from software on computers to an on-line cloud based world. With on-line services for everything; and in the case of Facebook and other social media; linking together and allowing you to use your account to perform a plethora of activities. It is easy to see that it is fast becoming the hub for your on-line world. This means that more and more information about you and your on-line actions are being stored in the virtual world. This makes places like Facebook a more attractive hunting ground for phishers and hackers of this world.

What will AVG’s LinkScanner service do for Facebook? We all send and are passed web links; even photos are a web link to a file. So what if the end of that link isn’t merely a photo or a YouTube video of a kitten doing something funny, but is a virus poised to infect your virtual world? What LinkScanner does is ensure that the website you are directed to is safe for you to visit. It is as simple as that. It is already built into the MultiMi Social Media application.

AVG have a vast database of infected URL’s that they can test against links thus displaying a variety of threat levels to advise you if the website you wish to visit is safe or otherwise. As with all these kind of services, the more users, the more accurate the data gathered will be, as there are more links being scanned. With over a billion Facebook users, the LinkScanner software can only continue to improve.

In addition to AVG providing LinkScanner data to Facebook, you will be able to download the free AVG PC/Mac antivirus software straight from the Facebook market place. A huge scoop for AVG, with 1 billion Facebook users instantly becoming potential customers. The future is looking rosy for AVG, and a lot safer for us users.

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