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Cars, clothes and sexy stuff.

Cars, clothes and sexy stuff.

I’ve never really been known for my vast knowledge and love of cars, but after a trip to America and a long lusting for Bullet Mustangs, I give you, the Dodge Challenger RT.

I genuinely went into this article thinking yeaaaah I’m totally going to lay out loads of facts and figures but then I thought not only do I not actually care that much, but it’s boring to me. If you’re a car enthusiast then I respect that, but it does nothing for me. If I look good going from A to B, I don’t care if I’m going 20mph or 673mph. Sorry.
So I’m going to show you some pretty pictures instead.

Look how sleek, shiny and gorgeously cool it is. Just look.

It got me to thinking, if I owned this car, I’d want to look sleek and (maybe not shiny) gorgeously cool, too. I know I wouldn’t wear the same outfit every time I got in the car, but I thought I’d put together an outfit that I’d probably wear in a car this hot.

I’d keep it classy and glamorous many times over; you would not step out of that car in your gym kit. You would quite clearly have a different car for travelling to the gym. This will happen to me one day when I’m filthy rich.


I don’t think you’d know (at least I hope not), but this is probably one of the cheapest outfits I own, I really don’t think it looks it.

The faux pleated leather skirt was £8 from Primark, I borrowed the long sleeved top and belt from my bestie (about £10 from H&M and £2 from Primark, respectively) the clutch I don’t even remember where it’s from I’ve had it that long but it wouldn’t have been more than £10. The shoes were from an eBay store based in Hong Kong and were £22.

I think keeping the outfit simple but sleek is the best way to go if you’re in a car like this, because if you look at it, yes, it is beautiful but there’s no fuss to it, it’s just sort of this hunk of sexy metal that you want to look at and sit in all day.

Top it off with some red lipstick and I think you’re pretty much prepared to drive a muscle car.

Which is what a Dodge Challenger RT is, apparently.

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  1. As usual you look gorgeous and incredibly HOT honey… BUT… I have to disagree!!! You don’t wear an outfit like THAT in a car like THAT!!!!
    It’s American Muscle honey! Grease Monkey territory! Know what I mean? You need a little Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster in ya… ummm… yeah… THAT…
    But then again… *goes all spacey and pensive*

  2. You’ve been watching too much Top Gear!

    Great piece though, made me chuckle.


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