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Halloween with ASOS Marketplace

Halloween with ASOS Marketplace

Lots of you are familiar with the highly successful fashion brand and business ASOS, but you may not be so familiar with ASOS Marketplace. It is quite simply as it states on the website, a place ‘Where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion to anyone, anywhere in the world.’
I absolutely love this; it’s such a fantastic opportunity for those people who are dying to be a fashion designer as it gives them the whole world to target.
There’s absolutely thousands of people on this site, so there’s so many clothes and accessories available to you, regardless of your style or needs. So instead of tackling ASOS Marketplace with my personal style, I decided as Halloween is just around the corner, I’d see what gems I could find.

All I did was type ‘Halloween’ into the search bar and immediately found two pieces that I neeeeeeeeed to have in my wardrobe.

The first is listed as ‘Black Halloween Pug T Shirt’ by NOT-FOR-PONIES. It’s £20, it has A REALLY CUTE, FAT PUG ON IT and once it’s sold out, it’s sold out, so you have to go and get it now because it’s absolutely brilliant. NOT-FOR-PONIES do the CUTEST jumpers and T Shirts (I will be using this word and variations of it when talking about this brand) ranging from a Christmas Pug Jumper to a bearded “ BeardBro” man on a t shirt. For men and women, so you and your boyfriend could have matching Christmas jumpers too! AAAAWWWW!!! Sizes range frbeardom 8-18 so you have no excuse not make your whole family wear them this Halloween. Even your dog. It’ll be adorable. Find more here.

The second is a Studded Headband, you can get one very similar in TopShop for about £10, but this one is £6.75 so I don’t see why you’d go to TopShop for that price. It’s by Fabcessories and they’re a brand that have so many other quirky and fantastic pieces. Making brilliant stand out accessories which are perfect for Halloween or just to make an outfit look that little bit different to the girl you’re stood next to.

ASOS Marketplace is not only fantastic for budding designers, but it’s also brilliant for those of you who love one off pieces, vintage pieces, and completely individual pieces that you would never find on the high street.
So may I suggest, if you’re looking for something a little bit different for Halloween (or any occasion) and you don’t want to go for the usual sexy cat outfit then get on ASOS Marketplace ASAP.

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