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Happy Ghostmas to You

Happy Ghostmas to You

It is that time in the year again, a time when inhibitions can cease to exist, where we have the opportunity to embrace our inner child and take on a different persona.

And no, I am not talking about Christmas… Don’t worry; there are still TWO WHOLE MONTHS before the tinsel will need to be up.

Welcome to Ghostmas! Or Halloween as most call it… Okay…everyone but me and my sons.

This week we have something special for you, all things ghoulish, just in time for Halloween;

The devilish Sunniva Anne shows us how to carve faces in flesh

Spooky Laura suggests fun ways to make Halloween a little healthier.

The truly horrid NFHere endeavours to explain the difference between Scary and Horror in film.

Little Miss Fangs fancies being nibbled by Dracula.

Bex our Headless Knight shares her clues on how to be scarily fashionable,

The crazy Vic(ar) shows her nail arty skills… by covering them with spider-webs.

The chilling Alexandra really gets the true spirit of Ghostmas and shows us that you can be free to be whoever you want!

Monstrous Holly questions why a sexy giraffe is a great costume,

And Yours Truly shoots Zombies with @rollingwheels.

And to spread a little bit of this Ghostmas Spirit, we are giving away a BlueRay of Dark Shadows and all you need to do is tweet @UrbanVox with a better name for a vampire than ‘Barnabas’ using the hashtag #DarkShadows. Just make sure you do it by 19:00 GMT 29th October when a name will be chosen and announced at 12:00 30th October.

If you will excuse me, I have a few individuals to scare when they knock on my the door, will it be a trick or a treat?

mwahahahaha ….

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