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The Zombies are Coming!

The Zombies are Coming!

They say the outbreak was nature’s way of fighting back. Very few survive. The lucky ones made it to the evacuation zones. The rest of us have only one choice: We run!

Those were the first words on the action packed trailer for the also action packed event Zombie Evacuation Race, a zombie infested 5Km course full of obstacles designed to slow you down. You’re not only running against the clock — you’re running from hungry, blood thirsty, virus-spreading zombies!!!

Does that sound like fun or what?

As a matter of fact, fun was the first thing the crew behind Zombie Evacuation had in mind when they decided to bring the race to life. Talking to Jon Ford, one of the race organisers, we soon found that out. Fact is that there are quite a few Adventure Races in the UK  today that cater for the super athletes and the adventurous types but not many targeting your average couch potato. Introducing Zombies into the mix, was a way to get more people involved. It certainly worked: with around 250 volunteers (180 of them participating as Zombies) and around 3500 people racing throughout the day, you can see just how much of a success the very first race of the series was.

“The entire Zombie Evacuation Race team are avid fans of zombie and post apocalyptic movies. Our team wanted to bring a zombie apocalypse scenario to life and provide the most unique and intense racing experience. We have Hollywood SFX makeup artists and pyrotechnicians involved in making the zombie apocalypse experience as realistic as possible. This is going to be the craziest halloween event… a day you will never forget!”- Jessica Fordham, Race Director

It wasn’t only fun for the “evacuees”, either. One of the best perks of roaming free to photograph the event is that I got to chat to some of the crew and have a few laughs with them as they had some fun scaring unsuspecting runners. “I think I found my calling in life” one of them told me, while another commented saying that if she could be a zombie full time she would definitely be one.

The Zombies will be invading London and we are following them and bringing 3 lucky bloggers with us. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to survive in a Zombie Apocalyptic world and tell the tale?

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