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When The Wheels Come Down

When The Wheels Come Down

Picture the scene – instead of it being 8.30 and you’re sitting in rush hour traffic waiting for your working day to start, you’re driving down an open road, hood down on your classic American car and your ideal driving song’s blaring from the stereo.

Well, maybe that’s just my coping mechanism, but I’ve always found that a good playlist has a way of making almost anything bearable.

After seeing the (excellent) The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I decided that this week, I’d make a playlist of my own. I bring up the film because, well, it’s amazing and you should really watch it – but also because a few of the songs on my October playlist are influenced by the film.

The Smiths feature, as do David Bowie and Thin Lizzy – all artists well before my time, but with music so classically timeless that I couldn’t possibly consider not including them. There’s also a cameo from a song based on my namesake, Icarus, from the wonderful Bastille – who has an EP due out in the next few weeks, which will be well worth keeping an eye out for.

Previous readers will know what a big fan I am of The Vaccines and it was never going to be a true driving playlist without Teenage Icon making it in there. Meet Me By The River’s Edge is another song which is heavily relied upon, bringing the opportunity for a modern twist on classic American anthemic rock. Any song from The 59 Sound would have been a perfect fit, but I have a not so secret soft spot for this one.

A final warning: This is not one of those effortlessly cool playlists, with bands you’ve never heard of and three minutes of someone banging a wooden spoon against a pot in the name of music. It’s a mix of songs, spanning genres and eras, where you can hopefully find something you know and something new.

The overwhelming theme of this playlist is nostalgia. It’s a key part of what makes you reach down and turn a song up (although naturally keeping your eyes on the road) and that’s got to count for something… Right? If not, answers on a postcard to the usual address.

You can find the Spotify playlist here, please tell me what you think.


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