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How to dress your life (Apple product review)

How to dress your life (Apple product review)

I know it a hideous thing to say, but my iPhone and often my iPad are my life. I pretty much cannot function without them.

Don’t get me wrong, I know physical communication and living life is important, but I’m addicted to Twitter and Instagram (you should follow me, by the way. @bexxxknight for both..). And there’s actually nothing you can do about it.

Now as much as I do love the sleekness of both the iPhone and the iPad, sometimes they can get a little boring, can’t they? So here are a few products you may want to consider when making your lifeline look as pretty as you do.

All this is, is a screen protector, which is important if you’re always on the move; you don’t want any ugly scratches. But the people at MediaDevil kind of thought ‘actually, no, screen protectors are really boring. Let’s add colour.’

And it’s a great idea! You can get them in red, pink, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple, lilac and this one, silver. It’s a great way of making your iPad more suited to your style, without adding a chunky case.

I think adding a splash of colour is nice, but at £16.97 I’m not sure it’s right at the top of my list for iPad accessories. But if you think your baby is worth this then you can find these hassle-free screen protectors on Amazon, or

These iPhone 4/4S cases are both from Skech, and fall under their ‘Shine’ category. Quite understandably so.

They were very easy to slip on as you can remove part of the bottom, and, get this, all their cases are lined with felt. Which is really posh, cool and keeps your phone snug.

I’m more of a fan of the silver, but that’s purely because I love the colour silver and I’m not too keen on blue. I’m really liking the metallic trend at the moment, so these are a perfect addition to my collection if it’s a bit too cold to wear that gorgeous metallic mini skirt I have in my wardrobe…

At first I thought, £14.90 seemed a little steep for an iPhone case, but after a wee search it is a comparable price and are really are good quality cases so I think worth the price. They’re available online at Amazon.

This QDOS happens to be my favourite case. Not only because it’s a mirror (I can fix my hair and makeup 24/7) with a Union Jack embedded within it, but because it feels the nicest to hold.
I was a bit panic stricken at first because it took me ages to get my phone inside; it’s very tight. But then I guess that’s what you want from a case – you don’t want your phone falling out.

I find with a lot of cases when I put my phone in, it feels quite chunky to hold and what I love about this is that it adds no extra width to my phone so it feels like I’m still holding my slim iPhone.

I also think it happens to be the best looking of the lot and at £19.99 I don’t think it’s a bad price at all considering its design and it being scratch resistant and using very strong polycarbonate (yes, I actually know this means something).
It is available online at and can also be purchased in titanium and complete sheer mirror, which I can only imagine will bring endless amounts of usefulness when checking makeup on the go.

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