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The One with the Coffee that Stays Warm

So the nights are drawing in and autumn is well and truly upon us and it seems that winter is only around the corner.

It is that time of the year where we wrap up warm, climb up into the attic in search of all the coats, jumpers and hot bottles we can find. That time where you always end up stumbling upon things around the interweb that will help you keep warm. I know I can’t be the only one that feels like that, can I?

I’ve had my fair share of ‘useful’ sites that I end up browsing at. Places like I Want One of Those and Paramount Zone are also a great places for you to find inexpensive, yet fun christmas gifts.

Want an example? A couple of weeks ago I’ve received a box with a couple of samples from Paramount Zone and have been trying out for size some of the solutions they could come up with to help us to stay warm this winter.

The first thing I pulled out of the box put a huge smile on my face. I picked it up and looked at the cold mug of coffee on top of my desk and said “WOOHOO!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that invariably ends up drinking cold coffee because of a hectic life where you have 100 emails to answer and phone calls to make and somehow always end up forgetting the fresh cup of coffee sitting there just inches away.

Their answer to that nuance was the £4.99 Desktop Cup Warmer powered up by one of your spare USB ports on your computer.

It was the first thing I’ve plugged in to test! I have to admit that at first I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t warm up the mug at all, but having had a look at it, I soon realised why. The mug was too big for the metal plate. The problem was solved with a quick run to the kitchen to grab a smaller mug with a thinner bottom. And it did keep my mug warm for the 30 minutes it took me to finish my coffee… what? Hey, I’m a slow drinker!

The second solution they sent was quite possibly my son’s favourite. As soon as he spied it, he activated it, ran to the sofa and hid with it under the duvet for a warm and comfy nap.

I’m talking about the fun and functional £2.99 hot water bottle hand warmer heat pads, these will definitely keep you warm when the cold hits. And best of all, it fits in your coat pocket, so if like me you hate it when it is so cold your fingers start to ache, this is the perfect solution!

To use each heat pad, you just click the small silver disc inside it and this causes the chemical reaction to start. The pad reaches a temperature of 54C within 5 seconds, and stays warm for about 45 minutes. After it becomes cool, you can easily recharge it by boiling it water for a few minutes. This simple process makes it reusable again and again.

So that is you sorted with this weeks ideas for stockings this christmas. Stay tuned to because between now and christmas time our crew of MADBloggers will be dropping a few tips to help you enjoy the holidays season without breaking the bank!

Now… if you will excuse me, I’ll go kick back with my WARM mug of coffee and hot bottle on the sofa and play on (don’t ask…)

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  1. Love these! Certainly be out on the lookout for the hand warmers for Cinthia :). 😉


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