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The World at Your Hands

The World at Your Hands

Did you know that a smart phone has more computer power than the computers used to guide the Apollo 11 on its flight to the moon? Imagine the power you hold in your hands, just much cheaper’ too!

Thinking on that, can you believe there are still people using them only to make calls and send the odd text message?

There is just so much more you can do with your mobile phone these days that, technically, you could dispense the use of a computer altogether… Is that mind-boggling or what? Never in the history of the world could something so small, do so much.

Take photography for example. Who today doesn’t keep pictures of family and friends on your mobile? I’ve just checked mine and I have 2857 on the iMonster (yeah, my iPhone has a name…why wouldn’t it…it’s like a part of the family).

But the use of mobile phones for photography is much more than personal nowadays. The increase in lenses, compression and the software quality we have today is such that you can technically solve all your internet imagery needs using your mobile.

Let me lay a few examples for you:

In May this year a few bloggers were part of a campaign for Nissan called the Big Turn On in which we drove their new LEAF around the roads of Europe. They supplied us with a camera to record the experience on board. To my surprise the camera provided was a Samsung Galaxy, and actually, it made complete sense. The image quality was great and videos and photos could be uploaded to the internet instantly. The success on the experiment was such that on the next month when they sent us to Nurburgring to try and break the record of biggest number of electrical vehicles around the course they again sent us a photographer armed with a Galaxy.

More and more companies use Instagram to raise awareness of events as well. Come to think of it, I use Instagram a hell of a lot to share photos when I am doing our Out & About posts in London.

Don’t like the digital zoom on your 5 megapixel mobile camera? not to worry: you can get focal zoom lenses for as little as £24 and with a set of fish eye lenses attached to a mobile that you can get for as little as £11 you can have the same result in your images you can get with a £240 GoPro camera…For a fraction of the price…

Are you into doing home movies or Vlogging???  There are services today like LiveStream that you can use to stream live video via your mobile device and record it to YouTube simultaneously.

Going somewhere sunny to escape the cold UK winter? Not feeling like taking your expensive DSLR out because you are afraid of damaging it with sand, dust, mud etc? Well, don’t. For £10 you can get an Overboard waterproof case that will protect it from mud, sand and even take photos under water as deep as 6ft AND float if dropped in the water, and with an Aryca case you can dive and do stunning underwater photos and video using your iPhone without being afraid of it sinking in the sea like what happened to my Kodak Play during the BlueMile, and we will even help you choose which one is the best with a review, pitching those two against each other (coming up soon at

So… Are you planning to buy a new handheld camera to take pictures this holiday season? My advice to you, is don’t!

Use your mobile phone to take some awesome photos (you don’t have to tell anyone that you edited them with the free version of Photoshop you can get at the AppStore) and claim at the top of your voice I AM A MOTOGRAPHER!! (okay this a bit too much, I know…)

But you have to agree with me, saving 60 odd quid you would spend in a compact handheld camera sounds good in any language.


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