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John Frieda Go Blonder

I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to hair care. I get my hair dyed and cut about once a year. That’s an awful thing to admit isn’t it? It’s just so blooming expensive! Thank goodness for this new ‘dip dye’ fashion, my roots are so outgrown that you would think I’m fashionable 😉

The John Freida ‘Go Blonder’ range may be my saviour. Already it has made my hair feel lighter and softer, so a good start. When it comes out the tube, it’s a bright yellow. This was a bit of a shock as hair products are usually white, but thankfully it didn’t sent my hair such a bright colour. The consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner was lovely; not too runny or thick.

The containers feature a flip lid which is simple to use and the design is atheistically pleasing. The only con being that as the bottles look so identical you have to pay attention to which is shampoo and which is the conditioner. If you’re anything like me first thing in the morning, you may shampoo your hair twice.


As far as cleaning the hair, it works well. There’s nothing worse than washing your hair and it still feeling greasy afterwards. The instructions states ‘use daily for optimum results’. Now, we’ve all heard it’s bad to wash your hair daily right? After all the nonsense about it washing out the natural oils and so on. I found however with this shampoo and conditioner it was absolutely fine to be used on a daily basis. After a few washes you can definitely tell that it does as it says on the tin. You will ‘go blonder’. My roots were a lot darker than my highlights and I found that the product didn’t really do much in way of lightening these, however on my highlighted hair after a week you could definitely notice a difference. The only problem being – it made a worse contrast between my roots and the highlights!

I was also sent a ‘Frizz-Ease’ serum. I love this! It can be applied to wet or dry hair with just a push down of a button. The brilliant thing about this is that it dispenses the perfect amount each time. I tend to wash my hair then dry and straighten afterwards so mostly applied it when wet. As with blowdrying, my fine fair soon turns into a frizz ball and this magical formula definitely made a big difference. It also contains heat protection – whats not to love!

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