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London Collections: Men HIGHLIGHTS

London Collections: Men HIGHLIGHTS

London Collections: Men came to a close yesterday, and as much as I so desperately wanted to go, making an income called! I did watch it very closely online though, and if you are a reader of my blog, The Street Complex, then you may have seen that I’ve started a ‘Highlights’ post for each of the three days the showcases, exhibitions and catwalks ran for.
In each post I included three of my favourite designers from that day, and I thought I’d share this on UrbanVox purely because this year I want to throw myself way more into the Menswear side of fashion, and I think Men’s fashion need a lot more lime light!
But it would be kinda boring if I just posted the exact same thing, and I doubt you’d want to read about 9 designers that I love. So I set myself a challenge and decided to write about my favourite designer from each day.
I know this may not seem much of a challenge, but when I actually got down to picking my favourites… It was really really difficult.
But after literally an hour of watching catwalk videos, reading biographies and trawling websites, I did it. I came up with my three favourite designers from London Collections: Men.


So first up we have Alexia Hensch, the wonderful mind behind HENTSCH MAN. She made it into one slot of three (well done Alexia) because THIS is how she describes her AW13, “It’s a story about a European young man who spent a while in LA and then got fed up and came home. So his style still has some of the laid back Californian feel and prints, but he’s come back to Europe so had to ‘tailor up’ a little.” I’m sorry but isn’t that just brilliant? I can just imagine her sat there looking at lots of lovely prints and material and conjouring up this story in her head and knowing exactly what this man was wearing each step of the way. I love it.
For me, this AW13 showcase oozes bad ass gentleman. The kind of man that would wear this would be the kind of man who’s a gent in public but behind closed doors you just know he’s a little bit naughty and loves his rum.



Aitor Throup also gets a slot purely because of the man’s imagination and concept.

His AW 13 work is really more sculpture art than fashion, and Throup knows this, “I consider my approach to be that of a product designer, rather than a fashion designer, so every piece for me has an archetypal element of its own within the context of its original concept and / or narrative.”
It sounds like a silly thing to say, but you just want to touch his pieces. It’s almost as if he’s found a texture he loves and created a shape  he thinks would be suitable to the material, and it works so well.


securedownload (2)

The last wasn’t at all a difficult decision. She describes her AW13 collection as “‘Dead inside’, comparing serial killers to Vampires.”, her pieces are heavily influenced by the music she listens to, and it’s just a glammed up version of streetwear. That’s why Katie Eary has won my heart. There’s something about her work that makes me think of Givenchy, Kanye West, and the 70s all at the same time. Need I say more?


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