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Penny pinching…can you stop frittering?

It’s well known that you eat less if you pay attention to what you eat. And possibly less still if you write it down.

How many of us apply the same logic to our finances?spend-money

If you’ve seen Superscrimpers, one of the things which stays in the mind is how shocked everyone is to find out how much they’ve spent on their main hobby/habit. It’s so easy to lose track.

Since I started living outside of London, I’ve been amazed how much less I tend to spend. Some things are obvious: I’m going out less, a lot less lunching, fewer trips to Starbucks and not as many takeaways…

But some things are less obvious.

There are the add-ons to the above: the odd cab home, the snack at the station on the way back, for example.

Not to mention, that extra lipstick or nail varnish to add to the rest in the drawer. A cute pair of sandals which catch your eye in passing…


Another magazine or newspaper. That miracle moisturising cream or scrub you’re going to buy just the once. You’d be amazed how that can add up.

Not taking the time to see if you can buy the same thing cheaper somewhere else. Just being that bit more mindful and doing a bit more planning.

And not simply wandering into money-spending situations. I have been known to spend a reasonable amount of time at antiques fairs, auctions, car boot sales etc, buying things I didn’t really need. A few of those things I treasure dearly but rather a lot have disappeared into drawers, cupboards, the garage and I’ve rather lost track of them.

I have even more drawers full of unstarted and half-finished craft projects I haven’t had the time to finish, and didn’t spend much time thinking about until I had to work out where to store them.

I can’t help wondering how much money I would’ve saved by now if I’d just paid attention…or even if I’d written it down 🙂



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Life is one contrast after another: after serving my time in the City, I am now enjoying life in the Mendip countryside. Having always worked for large corporations I am working for a local firm and starting to test the water about working for myself. I am passionate about aeroplanes, English folk music, festivals, good wine and sexy lingerie, even more passionate about continuing to learn, meet new people, foster new relationships and have new experiences. Everyone deserves the confidence to be themselves, at least some of the time.

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