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Save Money With Your Smartphone

Save Money With Your Smartphone

It’s not a secret. I am the sort of guy that feels naked without my smartphone. And if you are always on the go, the ability to have emails at a touch of the screen, access to social networks, banking, word processing and of course out blogs is truly indispensable. And don’t forget the trusty pocket camera to capture those little moments on a daily basis without having to carry a big camera around.

But having the world at your hands comes at a price, and if you want to have the latest tech at your disposition the price can be quite steep. With some of the top smart phones in the market costing close to £700 (or a very costly monthly contract) any way to save a buck or two without having to compromise too much is a great help.

Thinking of that we’ve come up with a fer ways you can save money and still have the tech you want (need??)


You may well have agreed to that pricey £50-a-month tariff so you didn’t have to pay anything upfront for your top-of-the-range smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it for the duration of the contract.

If you read the fine prints in your contract you will fina a little well-know clause in O2’s terms and conditions that states: “After nine months [of your contract has elapsed] you can change tariff a maximum of once per month, provided that if moving down a tariff you may only move to the next lowest priced tariff with the same minimum term.”

That’s not true only with O2 as other providers have similar clauses as well. Only one little note if you decided to do that:  you may not be able to move back to your previous tariff if you decide the amount of free calls or text messages not enough on the cheaper deal. O2 also warns that iPhone customers may be exempt from the downgrade option.


Buying a SIM-free phone may seem like a good alternative to an expensive contract, but buying the same model on a pay-as-you-go basis and unlocking it is a far more economical option.

You can find for example that a SIM-free HTC Wildfire as cheap as  £204 on Amazon ,  or around £150 at Phones4u. There is a small charge to unlock them (usually aroun £5 to £10 right at the high street) but even after that it’s still a significant saving.


The world of mobile phone tariffs is a confusing one, and if you simply go into a shop or upgrade with your current network when your contract is up, you’ll almost certainly be spending more money than you need to.

You can go to shops like for example and find some incredible deals.

It’s easy to save £10, £15 or even more per month, and the potential for savings over the length of a two-year phone contract is huge and  even if all you manage to shave off it is a fiver per month you might still be better off by £60 per year in your bank


Let’s face it: You don’t really need your old mobile handset after you’ve upgraded to a shiny new one do you?

You can get up to £220 for the 16GB iPhone 3Gs if you use  a comparison engine such as SellMyMobile. Deffinitely worth checking it out, is it not?


Of you don’t mind having it second hand, there’s a big selection of hardly used smartphones on eBay and huge savings can be made, especially on mid-range and previous generation Android devices. For example, an HTC Tattoo can be picked up for around £75; the newer HTC Wildfire for around £50.

At the same time, PAYG tariffs now include internet access. So, pick up a Wildfire for £120 and pay £10 per month over two years for a total cost of £360. Simple!


You might be itching to get your hands on a new phone (trust me… I am still waiting to get my iPhone 5), but it’s worth resisting early upgrade deals. Wait until your contract expires and you’ll be in a much stronger position to get a discounted upgrade. You will be surprised how much your mobile provider will be willing to keep you as a customer. And as your contract is now over, they know you have nothing to lose. What’s the worse that could happen?

Those are just a few of the ways you can save money on your mobile handsets and bills.

If you know of any other ones, please leave us a comment or twit us at @urbanvox using the hashtag #thrifty with your tip on how to save money with your smartphone.

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