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The Shopping Club

The Shopping Club

Okay, first of all I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly convinced by the whole concept behind the Achica website. It sounded too much like a mix of Amazon and ebay with a hint of thrown in a mix that may or may not include a little taste of IKEA in it. I guess this is what turned me off the idea the first time I checked them out a few months ago… that and the fact that you can’t see the price of any of the products sold on the website until you become a member.

And then I’ve was approached by them to review the website and to get me started they gave me a budget of £40 to play around it and buy myself something and let them know what I thought.

I am moving to a new place anyway, so I thought “hummm… I could do with a few home decor or something so I might as well have a go”.

It wasn’t until I filled up my membership form and actually managed to peek inside the members area of the site that I realised that the guy that came up with the idea is a genius!

Why? it is simple: What they do is setup sales all year long by securing deals with suppliers that go up to 50% discount or more on products that go from from Sigg thermal bottles to duvets, clothing and coffee machines… and of course… furniture. Those flash sales start every day at 6:30am so products do go VERY quickly. So in the end everyone is happy: The brand behind the product gets the sale, the website members get great products at incredibly discounted prices and Achica gets the client.

And because the website is a members only thing, they secure buyers by emailing you whenever a great deal is about to go live on the site. The first one they sent me showed me that I’d have to be smart and get there first if I wanted to get the goods I was looking for.

Now that you’re a member, you get access to big discounts on top name brands through exclusive promotions, ranging from home essentials to chic treats, you’ll undoubtedly find something you’ll love. Promotions open at 6.30am every day and go up to 72 hours long.

First image that sprung to mind was that of a Big Boxing Day sale… Just all year round. Know what I mean? The one where 100s of people wait at the door of their favourite shop waiting for the doors to open so they can jump in and fight with all their might for what they came for?

That… Just smarter… Amd maybe more civilised.

Only one little downside on it… The product takes a little longer to be delivered to your door. Why? Because Achica doesn’t keep stocks making sure the prices are always lowest, so at the end of the promotion they make the orders only of what was sold on the site. Smart.

So, providing you can wait a little (or that there is something you want on the site now), you can get some incredible bargains at and save a ton of money. My savings were of £28… not bad huh?

Need some inspiration? Just drop in at the ACHICA Living blog and get great ideas and tips from leading designers. But don’t take my word as proof… check’em out!

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