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London Fashion Week February 2013

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the whole of London Fashion Week like I did in September. However, I will be there for two glorious, wonderful, beautiful days! Yay!!

I’m looking forward to seeing A LOT of collections, but I’m well aware that reading about 40 designers and why I love them could get boring. So I will give you four, lucky you.


Christopher Kane.

I love Christopher Kane. I’ve been a huge fan for a while. Although, I’m ashamed to say I only really caught on to him when his galaxy collection went absolutely crazy and high streets were even dipping their naughty little fingers into it. BUT, I’m proud to say that unlike many people, I haven’y forgotten him and have been keeping my little eyes on him ever since. His menswear catwalk got me all hot under the collar with anticipation as to what his women’s collection will be like! The menswear debut was very much so on the gothic side – he still kept his signature by taken a simple idea and blowing it up, but it was the opposite to his previous collections, hence utter excitement.

christopher raeburn

Christopher Raeburn.

I want my boyfriend to wear all of Christopher Raeburn’s menswear collection, so why would I not want to wear his womenswear collection? The reason I can’t think of a reason as to why not, is because there isn’t one. Raeburn’s designs are always simple and practical, which can be a little risky as practicality is never fashion’s first and foremost’s worries, but he makes it look so sleek that it just works. I’m a huge fan of the sports luxe trend that has been battering the catwalks and high streets; it’s not my style at all. But Raeburn is just a genius, so I can’t help but love his masterpieces.





Matthew Williamson.

It’s only been in the past 6 months that I’ve begun to appreciate the impact detail creates. More often than not I’d opt for the simple dresses, t shirts, jeans and shoes, but 2012 saw the rise of clashing fabrics, textures and prints to create busy looks. But now I find myself looking at trousers which look like something you’d find up on your grandma’s windows and actually loving them. I still do go for the simpler pieces of clothing, but it’s designers like Matthew Williamson who inspired me pick up the chandelier looking necklaces and roughly 158 rings to give my style a bit of a lift.



Temperley London Collage 5

Temperley London.

Oh Alice Temperley, oh you beauty of a designer. What with all your draping, opaque fabric, lace, pastels, symmetry, and elegance, you are wonderful. I think when I saw Temperly London’s S/S13 catwalk collection I whimpered a little and had visions of me sat wearing one of the see-through cotton dresses embroidered with delicate lilac lace, sipping a rooibos and vanilla tea on the cobbles of Paris, with all my shopping bags surrounding a deliciously handsome man with a beard and chiselled cheek bones. I wonder what lovely Alice has in store for me this time round.


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