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An apology, sort of

An apology, sort of

Hello, it’s me, Bex Knight.

Do you even remember me?!

I’ve been such an awful writer lately and have found writing for two other online blogs as well as my own such a drain on my creativity that I literally could produce nothing.
I found I was writing about names and trends that I really liked, but had no words to tell you why I liked them.
And then it hit me, yes I do love fashion, but that’s not all I love. So I took some time out from writing where I spent time with my boyfriend where I re-discovered my love of music and how caring I can be. I spent time with Lucy and remembered that I’m actually a real foodie. Progressing at work in Laura Ashley made me realize I have a love of decor. And ere-visiting Tumblr and Pinterest re-kindled my love of street style and all things floral.

So actually, I take back my previous statement. I haven’t been an awful writer lately; I saw I needed a break from writing to become inspired again, so I took it and now I’m beginning to be inspired by all the wonderful, lovely, sometimes fluffy things the world has to offer me.
I mean, I don’t know if this sort of epiphany has come on because I secured a place at London College of Fashion to study Fashion PR, because I’ve found love and it’s incredible, or because I’ve made some amazing friends, but I’m loving this new outlook on life.

I made the adult decision to just be a monthly contributor to one of the blogs I grace my presence with ( check it out; it’s quite cute and girly), and that I’m going to be my good old self here on UrbanVox because that makes for better reading, I hope?
I’ve given my personal blog a makeover ( – shameless plug but it looks amaze) and it’s got my adrenalin pumping and I am so ready to scream and shout about the Kardashians and my love of mens fashion because it’s my blog, and it’s what I’m passionate about.

I’m going to do what I do best and make my posts way more personal. I’m going to give you an outfit of mine, and tell you all what I did on that day, because you know what? I am god damn hilarious. Sometimes.

I’m going to show you some of the lovely places I have eaten, because I promise you they will always be fashionable places to eat. I can promise you that because I am really high maintenance.
I’m going to talk about my efforts at the gym, my program, and my progress (fingers crossed) because I love the gym and my trainers are pink and that’s really cool.

So I’m back and kicking everybody.

Please please pleeeeease feel free to tweet me @bexxxknight or the whole gang @urbanvox, and let me know what you wouldn’t mind seeing. I mean, I know I’m going to make my writing way more personal but sometimes ‘I just really really love babies’ isn’t a great article.


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Bex is our resident fashionista and will be sharing with you coverage of the Fashion Industry from her very own point of view with some cheeky tips and inspiration along the way.

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