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Can’t Beat My BeatBox

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Last year the guys and gals at BassBuds sent me one of their brand new headphones to play with and I was so satisfied with them (they are still my favorite pair of earbuds) that they have asked if I’d like to try one of their new products: The BassBoomz wireless speakers.

First thing that came to mind was: Oh yay! BoomBox! And I already started imagining myself walking with it over my shoulders just for the fun of it. Yes… I know… I am a child in an adult’s body.

To be completely honest it was a bit of a turn down when I saw the size of the speaker. Then I turned it on… and that proved to be a living example that size doesn’t always matter. The tiny green speakers packed one hell of a loud boom with incredible sound quality from the moment it pings as you turn it on. Sound orgasm. I’ve also been told that you can connect two speakers to – lets say – your iPhone you can have your own stereo surround system.  SCORE!

photo(1)BassBoomz alseo comes with a built-in high performance Li-ion rechargeable battery, so you can hear your music at up to 70% volume for up to 6 hours and the the solid aluminum construction with high grip base provides stability, reduces interference and vibration dampening when used on hard surfaces and comes in 8 different colors.

And one little tip: It woks great in the car as well. I connected it to my iPhone and left the speakers on the dashboard and my son was dancing and singing along to Nickleback on the back seat. The weight in the base of the speaker allowed for it to just sit perfectly on the dashboard without rolling all over the car.

photo(2)I’ve also tested the BassBoomz with different devices and it the connection was as seamless as it was with my phone. Of course… There were a few little pauses as it is to be expected with any bluetooth devices, but they we a lot less frequent than he ones I get with my wireless headset.

And if you want to save £30 buying your BassBommz today just go to and use the voucher code BBZ304617 (offer valid until the end of March).

I think I’m impressed… The smaller things get the more they do nowadays… And did I say it is really really LOUD?!?!?!

Just one thing… hide it from your teenage kiddos… if they make the amount of noise they do with their mobiles alone in the trains and buses round town imagine what the can do if they get their hands on a BassBoomz… Just saying. 😉




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