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Bills, bills, bills…

As the recession (or “not quite recesssion but still a serious financial crisis” depending on which GDP growth indicator you believe) continues to bite, and while I’m still in the set-up phase of my new business, I’m constantly looking around for more ways to save money.

Specifically, ways that don’t involve me spending hours and hours each week wondering if I should change to a new deal/tariff/card/supplier.  And don’t involve me spending a lot of extra time shopping/cooking/sewing etc.


I’m all for home cooking and crafting but with a finite amount of time available, finding ways to save both time and money is definitely high on the list of good things to do.

I already have a whole purse full of loyalty cards: chemists, various supermarkets, the local farm shop and numerous cafes both chain and independent…the trick is being able to find the right one on each shopping trip. And remembering to turn the points into something worthwhile from time to time.

But I now have another one…a cash back card courtesy of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.  Being an inveterate joiner, I am now a member.

As well as cheaper gas & electricity, I think it was the 3% back on supermarket shopping and petrol which probably swung the deal…although the prospect of 5% cash back on any computer equipment for my burgeoning business (and yes probably the odd games console)  is pretty tempting.

Having said that, looking back over the total we’d spent on electricity and gas over the last twelve months was really quite a shock…I know it’s been cold, but even so!

As well as gas & electricity savings, there is the “find me the cheapest” facility: you name it, there is a database on the members website which will trawl all manner of suppliers for your chosen object of desire, including amazon, ebay & google, and find you the cheapest.  For some, that may take away hours of browsing fun but for me it is a relief not to worry that after checking 3 websites and getting bored, I don’t need to keep looking just in case I’ve missed a better deal.

And the itemised billing means it’s a lot easier to do the accounts for my various business interests.

But for me, there’s one other aspect which is very appealing: it’s a network marketing business.  So rather than just sending profits into the pockets of a bunch of nameless shareholders and CEO/board members, I know that joining also benefits the rather lovely distributor who signed me up.

Joining a discount club isn’t for everyone, but to me it feels like an extremely pleasant way to do business.  I’m happy to pass on more information if anyone would like it.


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Life is one contrast after another: after serving my time in the City, I am now enjoying life in the Mendip countryside. Having always worked for large corporations I am working for a local firm and starting to test the water about working for myself. I am passionate about aeroplanes, English folk music, festivals, good wine and sexy lingerie, even more passionate about continuing to learn, meet new people, foster new relationships and have new experiences. Everyone deserves the confidence to be themselves, at least some of the time.

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  1. Interesting read; I quite like “shopping around” as it serves my control freak nature but if I ran a business I guess I would want the ease of use.
    John D recently posted..Message for Dirty Little Whispers


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