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Sugar Cheeks

Sugar Cheeks

Interrupting this blogging session for a little spot of shameless self promotion…No??? Okay then… *sighs*…

Instead I’ll let Laura here do it for me. 😉

We had a photoshoot loaded with fun, sugar and sweeties a couple of weeks ago and she wanted to tell all a bit about the experience… So with no more delays: Our guest for today: Laura Thomas

So it started with “You need a good photoshoot Laura” – the text I received from my mentor Steven Foster. The next meeting I was told the photos need to be ‘out there’ or ‘a bit different’. I was filled with a mixture of excitement and dread. I mean how wacky are we talking about? I’m not completely comfortable in front of the camera at the best of times, let a lone with a face-full of sugar…

thomas high res201

thomas high res303Yes I said sugar – the seemingly harmless but highly addictive substance I decided to start blogging about on Happy Sugar Habits, in my bit to ease others off their sweet ways. As my blog starts blossoming into a business and I prepare for some PR surrounding my Mentor Me Off Sugar 28 day program, the need for some ‘good’ photos was high on the agenda.

Enter Urbanvox Photography.

thomas high res08I was nervous. I had stressed about my hair. I wasn’t sure what to do with my make up and I had so many bags of outfits I was completely flustered by the time I arrived for the shoot. I had some faint ideas about what I wanted but wasn’t really that sure.

So first ‘normal’ shots were up. A very tense me started off trying to pose. I really hadn’t done anything like this before and was struggling to relax. Yuri was very, VERY good at directing me. He told me when I needed to relax my shoulders, gave me ideas for poses I could try and was quick to tell me when something just wasn’t working.

thomas high res16Apparently I’m better at smiley fun shots than trying to pout, where more often than not I look like a bit of a tit. Some nights out drinking had made me already aware of this.

I did have an idea around being handcuffed to a cupcake but had no clue what shot would look best. Yuri got me trying a few different things and the result was fab, some of these photos I particularly like.

Then he told me to poke my tongue out at the cupcake. What? Surely that is going to look ridiculous I thought. I felt utterly ridiculous doing it, and guess what? That photo is set to be blown up and used on my main product landing page. Not so ridiculous now eh?!

A trip to Asda for sweet supplies and the creative juices started to flow. Not mine but Yuri’s I’ll add. It was nice that I could concentrate on my hair, make up and outfits, while Yuri conjured up the next idea.

thomas high res404Falling smarties on the camera. Yep. Almonds in the air. Yep. Hair full of sweets with donuts over the eyes. Of course.

It ended up being more like a fun kid-like day out. Lets cover my face in water and then stick sugar all over it without laughing too much that it all falls off. Then the donuts… Oh how much fun you can have with donuts, and without even eating them….

All in all a storming success. In regards to all the photos, I was spoilt for choice and after uploading a selection on Facebook, it seems my friends were enjoying the artistic talent of the shots too. I’ve got an enormous amount of very good quality photos to support any PR angle and my mentor deemed it a “result”.

thomas high res706

Nice one UrbanVox 🙂

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