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Dirty Little Whispers

Dirty Little Whispers

Every photographer always has his/her favorite models to work with after a while.

It’s a relationship that develops with time as you learn to understand each others, styles, tastes and limits. The latest applies specially if you are talking about Fetish and erotica, and on that I have to say that one of my favorite models has to be Miss Emma Whispers, the author of the blog Dirty Little Whispers, and it’s not just because she is one of my Blog Hosting Clients… But it is incredibly fun working with her.

We’ve kept our last photoshoot under wraps because some of the photos included some of her first nude shots, and she wanted to keep them hostages for her weekly editions of Naked Wednesday to use it as bargain chips to get more entries… Smart girl huh?

In the most recent photoshoot with Yuri we made use of his studio set up in his home. He had expert knowledge of the lighting equipment and was able to use it to our advantage. Yuri instantly makes me feel at ease and is respectful of my wishes although also knows how to push me further when needed. We discussed themes in advance to ensure I brought the correct props and he has no worries with lending some also such as chairs, cushions, rope or bondage ties!
He uses music suitable to the client to help them relax and somehow by the end of the shoot I was comfortable enough to have naked photographs taken. I am given copies of all photographs after they are edited and they always come back looking fantastic.
I will of course be using Yuri for photoshoots again and often recommend him to friends.
I’m definitely looking forward to our next shoot, and don’t forget to subscribe to the UrbanVox HQ Facebook page for more photos and news. If you would like to book a session as well feel free to email me at and I’ll love hear what ideas you have for it.
BREAKING  NEWS: I’ll be touring the UK from August onwards photographing, meeting people and writing about the journey. If you want to have some coffee or book a shoot for when I’m around (or want me to include you on the itinerary) please give me a shout!
And Watch this space!
Carpe Diem!

About The Author

The Head Honcho at UrbanVox and Social Media Mad-Man & Gadget Freak should define him in a nutshell – “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most. Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and Lego Fan all in one big package. Usually the guy you will be talking to on Twitter @urbanvox


  1. Yuri, Emma is such a wonderful and beautiful person. We loved unwrapping her photos one-by-one and it’s great to see them all here. Super job!
    H.H. recently posted..Let’s Just Fuck

    • yup… I agree… I see her as a little sister too so we constantly get on each other’s nerves but love her to bits. 🙂
      Thanks, we had loads of fun doing those photos. guess that makes the difference 😉

  2. Wow! Your blog on Bloglovin…. It’s comments section thing. It REMEMBERS MY LOG IN FOR COMMENTS!! Fucking love this!! Don’t think it does with Livi’s last time I commented I had to come out of app into safari (boo).

    Really wanting to blog more and have thrown a few newbies out of late!

    Anyhow if I’m ever down your way wherever it may be then you can photograph me! No naughties though. Scary shit that. Emma is amazing, a beauty and brave as fuck!! The pics of her always do rawk though. With a W.
    WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday recently posted..Infinity and Realisation

    • Haha! Yes… You are added to the list! 😉


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