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First World Problems

First World Problems

So I did the moving thing, gave away most of my “stuff” and got started on Phase One of my grand plan…

There were a few miscalculations though… Like for example whilst the things I deemed “important” are waiting for transport up north at my ex wife’s loft I kinda forgot I’d need a few other important items… Quite basic really… but things like a stove, a fridge… You get the gist huh?

I think I might have miscalculate something, bu you should never underestimate humanity’s capacity to adapt… And isn’t it all about starting anew without the clutter we accumulate in life? So… Time to reevaluate , see what I have and what I don’t and start rebuilding… this time only with what I need to go on (Seriously… I had NO IDEA I had so much stuff when I started packing that flat to move).

First emergency that needed to be addressed was a cooker. I mean… What the hell… Is there such thing as Yuri without the amazing (and a few disastrous) culinary creations? Nope, right? To solve the issue in a more immediate time I borrowed a camping Cooker from @DaddaCool until I can get myself a new one. Never mind an oven… I can live without one… Although I did have to Explain to Little Monkey today why I couldn’t bake him cupcakes today… oops.

That’s Food Sorted… And If I stick to things that will keep without having to freeze/keep in a fridge or buy such items when and as I need them I should be OK without getting one for now… I think…

Northwood Cottage is up  for sale so makes no sense furnishing the whole place then I might as well stick to the basics and make myself comfortable only in the space I need, so I am mainly taking up residence on the top floor and the 3 rooms upstairs Taking the Main Bedroom as my own and setting up the Boy’s Room and the studio/dark room as they are.

Next emergency… Bedding… Fortunately for that I can simply check the bedding designs at K& and they have some pretty good stuff there at great prices with bring brand names at up to 60% discount. Actually I could go to K& for most things I need to get… Hummm… *goes and checks*

Yup… This could be interesting…

I know in the great scheme of things little comforts are nothing but First World Problems… But when you are pushing through big changes the little can feel like quite a lot.

Today little things made me smile all day… Laughs, picnics, being outside, acting like a kid and delicious cuddles made my day… I am hoping that’s just the beginning of better days ahead… But for now living today as best as I can, being as happy as I can is enough for me. Because I know that tomorrow depends on what I do today.

My question for you today? What little comforts usually help you get through the day?

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