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So I’ve spent sometime this week reflecting about self image between other things. It was prompted by a  discussion I had with a dear friend about the fear of being in front of a camera and being per-conditioned to not liking what you see no matter how great the images might look. It is incredible how many people feel like that, and I am not going to lie to you, I count myself in these ranks.

Anyone that knows me will have heard me say at least once that my place is behind the lenses and not in front and whilst I push myself to change and push limits every now and again my first reaction is always taking a deep breath before looking… And then looking clinically at every little imperfection and going ugh… Then I usually hit Publish…

Reading some reviews of most shoots I did, particularly of nudes and self-esteem boost photos, one of the most common things I found was how I help people make comfortable on their own skin during the shoot and how the result is images they end up loving. And no… I am not big headed… I know what I am good at… I also know I have a way with words…

I could never try and have someone to do something I wouldn’t though…  And Apart from the #NakedWednesday photo I did for Emma Whispers (and maybe a few anonymous ones I did when I had my naughty blog)  I don’t think I’ve ever dared to bare all in front of a camera…

Last week I was laughing it away with my step sister about her pervy neighbor and how she spent a few days at the Northwood Cottage sunbathing au naturel in total privacy (we have high stone walls and trees around the garden. The sun seeps in and we still get the privacy from all sides).

Thursday morning I’ve decided to follow her example and soak a bit of the sun in my skin… It felt good… Liberating… And then I had an idea… And took my camera for a spin.


To say I was surprised with the result is not enough to cover it. I am not saying I am thrilled and that hitting publish in this post will be easy when I finish writing this… But you know what? It is somewhat liberating… And I do feel incredibly satisfied to have pushed one more limit to the side.

And no… The other photos might never see the light of day, but now I can say I have done it! And you know what? I think I am kinda proud of that one…

I’m finding out some amazing things about myself over the past few days… And I am loving it!

My question today is, if you look deep inside yourself, what will you find that you didn’t already know?

Carpe Diem

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The Head Honcho at UrbanVox and Social Media Mad-Man & Gadget Freak should define him in a nutshell – “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most. Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and Lego Fan all in one big package. Usually the guy you will be talking to on Twitter @urbanvox


  1. Way to go you!! Bloody well done. Quite arty shot too, and of course there just HAD to be technology involved in the actual photo….

    Brave bugger you are. Though not as much if was in front of someone else doing the shooting like others do for you 😉 but stil brave indeed!

    Well done for hitting the send. Now no deleting this!
    WeeWifie / One Epic Holiday recently posted..Bloglovin’ #bloglovin #feed #blogging

    • lol… thanks hun… 🙂 I aim to please… And yup… took that one with the Parrot… hehehe… Love it that you can fly it indoors!

      Actually… Someone has taken photos of me before. I hated them! LOL But you know what? I’m willing to try!

      I shall not delete it! I’m actually proud of it! 🙂

  2. Very brave sir. Very brave indeed. I bet it did feel liberating! I’ve always fancied dabbling on that side of photography but I haven’t had the guys/time/skill/people who would do it. Plus I don’t know if it’s compatible with looking after a toddler full time.

    • Hehe… thanks. It felt great… weird to be on the other side of the camera but great.
      Hey… There’s always someone willing to pose. Most of the people I’ve shot so far I met through twitter and there’s sites like Model Mayhem and FetLife. you should have a go!
      As for looking after a toddler… well… I’ve been known to take my eldest to a shoot or two when he was a toddle… hehe… shhhhh don’t tell anyone… #badparenting it was fun tho… and the models loved him! LOL

  3. It is liberating isn’t it? Scary too.

    But you look great!
    Kylie recently posted..Pleasure and Pain

    • Thanks hunny… It’s great to hear that from someone I’ve shot… 🙂
      BTW, when we doing it again??? 😉


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