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The One With The Brave Lady (& The #DeadFerret)

The One With The Brave Lady (& The #DeadFerret)

One of the things I love the most about photography is that you get to tell a message without saying any words.

Any photograph can tell a story. They are all memories frozen in time by all means.

A picture can be a way to defy the system, to defy taboos or to defy no one else but yourself.

When Kylie messaged asking for info on a photoshoot and told me what she had in mind and why, I could not help myself but feel incredibly excited about the project. Why? Because it meant something! I have done photos to help boost self esteem before, and I love the feeling you get from showing someone else what you see in them and how much more beautiful they are than what they think they are (does it make sense?). But the story behind Kylie’s shoot was just special and if you have a little time I encourage you to go read it. In my eyes, she will always be as one of the bravest women I’ve met, and I am truly humbled to be the one capturing it into photos.

People ask me what I love the most about my work (because it definitely isn’t the money… hehehe)… I say THAT is what I love the most about it. And let’s not forget the Fun Factor we get with little things like Kylie’s favorite furry friend, the Dead Ferret (long story).

Recently a few blogger friends of mine have been doing something odd, taking their clothes off and having photographs done. I have recently been undergoing therapy for childhood sexual abuse, and it got me thinking. All of the women who have taken part have said how liberating it has been for them. I decided as part of my recovery I too would have a photoshoot done. I was very apprehensive. I have had a lifelong fear of being alone with a man, and whilst I knew that there were female photographers around, I felt it had to be a photographer I knew well, and could check out thoroughly.


I follow a few blogs and knew of Yuri from Urbanvox through friends and knew his work and reputation.  I decided to make contact, and we arranged a date.


When I arrived Yuri put me at ease, showing me other examples of his work. I was reassured that he had photographed women of all shapes and sizes. He listened intently to what I wanted to get out of the shoot, and made sure that I was in control and setting the boundaries. For me, as well as good images, the priority was feeling safe and in charge, and Yuri certainly helped me to achieve that.


At first I was wrapped in a sheet, and just organically as he was clicking away I got braver. Yuri played (mostly) great music, and there was wine, which I shared with my new furry friend. Just a little tip, never ask a photographer if he has a dead animal in his cupboard. As the shoot went on, the images became braver. Yuri had great ideas for props and poses. Some didn’t work, which was fine, others were great.


I found the shoot a really healing experience, and much more fun than I had imagined it would be and I am so proud of the resulting images.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yuri to anyone. Just beware of the (friendly) dead ferret.

As for the dead ferret… there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it… But that’s a story for another day! 😉

If you are interested in booking a photoshoot please feel free to give me a shout on twitter (@urbanvox) or shoot me an email at , I’m traveling all over the UK at the moment, so give me a shout and I’ll let you know when I’m in your area. 😉

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    • loooooooong story… apparently used to be fashionable in vintage old days so for some strange reason mum had one to use round her neck…
      it’s my zombie little friend… *sniggers*

    • einmal???Oh nein, oh nein, das Grausen ist viel größer – ZWEI mal haben sie’s versuchtund von 1529 bis 1683 haben sie, perfide wie sie sind, mehr als 150 Jahre verstreichen lassen, in denen sie die Osmanen in Sicherheit wiegten, bevor sie es dann doch nicht lassen konnten und die armen Gugluägbiten – well and the rest is history

    • Même si on se connait pas encore , je t’embrasse fort pour cette occasion : Bon Anniversaire !Que des bonnes choses , voilà ce que je te souhaite Christian …( un petit cadeau pour toi chez Helenablue ! )à bientôthélène

    • it was ugly.-In the 2nd place – it’s my priviledge to say, “It’s ugly” – if in my view, it’s ugly.-in the 3rd place, JUST who aare YOU to call anybody racist? Ok, I confess: I am a Latina of 3 races,and a Racist.

    • Since you breathe we are imposing a "breath tax", the government will waive this tax if you buy cans of air from a government mandated company.According to SCOTUS the above is a "constitutional tax".*Mind boggles*

    • She is… I’m still in awe. 🙂


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