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Perfectly Twisted

Perfectly Twisted

Did I ever tell you I LOVE photoshoots that are a bit of a challenge? Well… I do. And photographing a young lady that is Perfectly Twisted to the core proved to be exactly the challenge I was looking for the day.

For a start it took about 1 year to organize the shoot, I guess pretty much since we started talking on twitter but o the day all just seemed to fit into their slots. A studio day full of music, laughs and pushing boundaries (to my surprise her mum came up with the ideas for the more daring photos) and we just simply let it flow…

But I guess that’s enough for introductions right? Ladies and gents, @PerfectlyTwistd

I have a confession to make. I hate having my photo taken. Granted, I’ll pose about and take silly  shots, but when it comes to standing in front of a camera and lights, being the main focus, then I panic. Seriously.


With this in mind, I decided it was about time I faced this fear full on, and with that, I arranged a date to see Yuri. I packed a bazillion clothes, shoes and makeup, and turned up a major ball of nerves.


I didn’t know what I wanted, but wanted photos that let me be me. Not ones that made me look at them and wonder who that girl in front of the camera, actually was. Yuri made me laugh, and a combination of music ( I danced about when I could) and clothes changes, the hours flew by. Yuri is great at working with nervous girls, I was such a wreck when we started and so, so tense.


I spent the first hour asking myself what the hell I was doing, I’m not cut out for this sort of thing. I donned my first clothes choice, and decided it was time to face the music. The clothes changed, outfits got smaller, but my confidence grew. I wasn’t trying to hide, I wasn’t so scared anymore. After hours of  laughing, tottering on silly heels and crawling on the floor in a corset, I was exhausted.


The results? Perfect! I pushed my boundaries, began to feel happy in front of the camera and it gave me a lovely boost of confidence too!  I have amazing photos to use at my pleasure, and an urge to do it all again sometime…

Of course we are leaving out some of the most “fun” photos… but a girl has got to have her secrets right? 😉

To book a photoshoot as well, please give me a shout at and we can talk ideas and get it sorted.

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