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Lost and Found with Co-Pilot Live

Lost and Found with Co-Pilot Live

If you spent any time at all driving on Brazilian motorways you will find it incredibly common to find stickers and huge banners on trucks with the inscription “I’m the Pilot but Christ is my CoPilot” Which shows an enormous amount of faith, but let’s face it, when you don’t know where you are going in roads in the middle of nowhere it doesn’t help a lot, does it? I mean, Jesus won’t show and say “turn left in 150 yeards” will he?

Like any man I am not too good at asking for directions… Or actually following them if I am to be completely honest, I mean… That would mean you are not 100% sure of where you are going and all. Admitting you are wrong? NEVAH! (isn’t that what every woman says about us?)

Thank goodness for Satellite Navigation and Smart Phones!

We’ve gone a long way since the times where Mobile Satnavs took forever to catch up with reception and all that to be able to guide us when we use them. I’ve always been one to use google maps and rarely even had any problesm using iMaps when Apple kicked google out of their devices. But what happens when you are lost in the middle of nowhere and have no reception (or no 3G really) and you have no idea how to get to where you are going?

I spent the past 6 months travelling a heck of a lot through the peak district, going all the way to Scotland and the UK coast lately and I’ve been through quite a few reception blackholes right when I had no idea where I was going ¬†and needed directions.

During one of those infuriating moments while I twitted a few frustrated twits, the peoples from Co-Pilot live asked me if I wanted to have a go with the new version of their satnav software. My answer, of course like it is for many things was “Why not?”

First thing that made me go yay was the fact that it didn’t rely on online maps ending my frustration about reception. It did take a lot quite a lot of space on my phone, but hey… worth it!

It also seemed to like taking me through toll roads too, but that was me being numpty. The lovely PR chick from Co-Pilot dropped me an email on how to sort that… And well… I kicked myself as to how simple it was! (Thanks Roxie, you ROCK! ūüėČ ) (Note to self: Reading instructions might me a plan for future gadget reviews).

It’s no wonder Co-Pilot was voted Which’s only Best SatNav App in 2013

IT doesn’t cost an eye and an arm wither and you can find CoPilot¬†Live¬†apps from ¬£24.99 for the UK & Ireland version and from ¬£34.99 for the European version available on all smartphone platforms. (The app also comes with¬†12 months free¬†Live¬†Traffic)

It has some very clever new features too like:

  • Avoid traffic jams on the way to visit relatives over the festive period, using 12 months free ActiveTrafficTM
  • Save on their precious data allowance, as the app downloads the maps onto the device to avoid data charges. No need to worry if there is no network signal, as the app works offline
  • Fine-tune routes to avoid or go via certain locations through dragging and dropping on screen
  • Never miss a turning again with ClearTurnTM¬†to guide them through complex junctions
  • Stay safe on unfamiliar routes as distracting data is hidden from view
  • Find their way around on foot or bicycle as easily as by car
  • Latest updates also mean that users can avoid costly data roaming fees by using the maps in offline mode
  • Save where they parked the car and get automatically directed back
  • Save and share locations simply by taking a picture. PhotoNav uses the GPS in the photo to locate where the pic was taken.

My favourite one was using PhotoNav. During the time I spent at the Peak District I went scouting for photography locations and it can be quite handy to be able to pinpoint a location and know what’s the best way to drive/walk there later if you want to check it out any better. I’ve even done it a few times using the Parrot Airdrone flying over hills and then walking to the coordinates using the walk features on Co-Pilot… Again, places that had no mobile reception to use Goggle Maps. Score!

Safety seems to be a big concern for them too.

‚ÄúAdjusting your GPS system while driving can be distracting, so we are introducing Motion Lock to reduce driver interaction while on the move‚ÄĚ said David Quin, head of consumer applications at ALK Technologies. ‚ÄúTogether with¬†CoPilot‚Äôs clear map displays, accurate turn-by-turn voice guidance and fast automatic rerouting, Motion Lock helps drivers stay focused on the road whileCoPilot¬†directs them to their destination‚ÄĚ

So there you go. If you are a Weekend explorer or live half your life on the roads like your’s truly… And a gadget freak too… Co-Pilot is the App you need to take you places… In special if you are in the middle of nowhere in some reception black hole… It happens you know?

Thumbs Up From Me

Carpe Diem


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