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Dancing in The Rain (#Photography)

Dancing in The Rain (#Photography)

A couple of weeks go I was having a little heart to hear with twitter… I’ve been feeling a little flat in the inspiration department since the end of last year…  That needed to change… I needed something to shake the creative juices and makes some bubbles in it to tickle my imagination into action once again.

I needed a brand spanking new MUSE!

If you know me well you know that I have that itchy finger every once in a while when I see someone that I most definitely NEED to have in front of my lenses as if my life depended on it. Yeah… I know… Sounds a bit exaggerated but it is the truth!

Enter Alicia the  Ally Kat!

First time I saw her she was giggling away in the chill room at the hostel we were both staying last week. Her big bright eyes (I have since found out that one is blue and one green) caught my attention on the spot and then and there was hard to pay attention on my book because her eyes where almost hypnotizing…  I kid you not!

I stumbled into her later at the dorms when I found out we were staying in the same room and we kinda clicked from there.

You know when you kinda feel you are MEANT to meet someone? Yeah… THAT… And BANG it’s the start of something and I have a brand new companion in my adventures around London Town. Instant Friendship. Kinda cool… 🙂

I’ll write more about our Night Time Adventures later (we even found a midget pirate bar!!!), Right now I actually want to show the photos that have earned her the position of New Muse!

Extra brownie points for a long walk on Flipflops and short skirts in the cold and rain (Canadians huh?!?!?)… Even after I decided was time to go back before her legs go blue the stubborn thing that she is still wanted one last location… And for the memories and the photos I say it was TOTALLY worth it! (even thought I feel a little guilty… but hell it was great!)

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to my Facebook Page if you want to go check it out…

She has now made her way to Portugal for the next leg of her own adventure… but we are already plotting a big reunion… and more #NightWalk adventures and photos (hooray)… But until there…

Carpe Diem!

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