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Roller-Skates, Graffiti and a Whole Lot of Fun

Roller-Skates, Graffiti and a Whole Lot of Fun

I’ve been feeling a little rough around the edges for the past few days… And by that I mean of course I mean dying a slow painful death in which I’d slowly cough my insides out and the like (not man flu)… When I woke up yesterday anyone who saw me would have thought I was doing my best Harlem Shake impression (As it stands… it was an AWESOME impression btw!).

You know those days when you REALLY feel like cancelling everything in your diary and stay in bed? Yeah… Only problem is I had a shoot booked that I had actually been looking forward to for a little while… And then I get a text message.

“We are leaving now, God It’s COLD I’m in Shorts”

First thought in my mind was: Oh no… what are you now? Canadian? Next you will tell me you are wearing flipflops! (didn’t get the reference? well click here and find out).

The next thought was: if she can go out in the cold in shorts then I HAVE to do it too (get up and go out… not wear shorts)… feverish and all! So I topped myself up in Flu pills, had a super duper cooked breakie and ventured the cold streets of London town towards one of my favourite spots in Town and to meet my muse for the day: Kristy Williams

Two dosages of Lemsip later and a coffee to warm me up and I was feeling somewhat human and ready to shoot! The result?

“Done a commercial update profile shoot with Yuri, at south bank skate park… It was a very good shoot, Yuri acts professional at all times and us very easy to work with and take direction from, would recommend to other people working in media… Really pleased with the out come of the pictures … Every shoot is different but this was fun and chilled … And that’s when you get the best pictures”

I have to say we had an incredible amount of fun getting those done! We’re hatching something more creative for a next shoot… there were words floating around that sounded like leather… There were some kids rolling around in scooters, For the lightest set of scooter bars on the market, we recommend the Envy Reaper bars for sure.

Want to know more? Stay tuned for the next adventure!

Ah! yeah… would you like to book a shoot? click here and give me a shout using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we can bounce some ideas around and get to what you need/want… 😉

Until then…

Carpe Diem


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