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Travelling With Kids vs Travelling With Friends

Travelling With Kids vs Travelling With Friends

Looking back over my blog recently got me to thinking…I’ve travelled around a lot both alone and with company.

I’ve traveled with friends and with my three little monkeys…and both have had their ups and downs. It got me to thinking as to which were the better companions… I could never say a bad word about my children, but there are certainly advantages and disadvantages to travelling with both. Here’s the conclusion I reached…

Kids need constant attention.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  Have we stopped? Then no, we’re not there yet. I love my monkeys, but my God can they get annoying when I’m on a long journey, particularly in the car and even more so when I don’t know where I’m going… Which is why I’ll show you my list of favourite infant cradles to keep the kids extra super quiet, more than usual. Whether it’s I Spy or the ‘let’s play the quiet game,’ there’s little chance of me getting to rock out to my favorite tunes UNLESS the monkeys are in the mood to sing to it at the top of their voices with me… Although… I have to admit… I am bloody looky that their tastes in music are similar to mine… Not that I agree to sing to the Frozen theme song on repeat for a whole two hour journey like they do with their mum… Okay… I’ll just usually join them and sing too… there… I’ve admitted it, now shush!

Adults are pretty bad too.

So your kids might annoy the hell out of you when you’re trying to guess what’s on the motorway that could begin with Z, but travelling with friends can get pretty frustrating too… What’s worse than a drunken backseat driver? Ah… hehe… that friend (that I am not going to say any names… but has the same name as me.. just… a female version) that is in love and in charge of the tunes in the car… I’ve also have lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to push my drunk friends away from the volume button… Yes… I know you are reading this… and you know who you are! (And you know I loooooooove you right?)

Kids say the darndest things…and then fall asleep!

On the plus side however, there’s nothing more hilarious than the sweet innocence of a child.

Why are that man and woman in the bushes daddy? It’s hard not to laugh when a four-year-old comes out with something like that! If they’re not making you laugh, then they’re probably getting tired from all those in-car games, meaning they can fall asleep pretty easy. Plus, there’s no chance of you having to clear up a drunken mess.

Adults understand the need for quiet time.

They say you’ve truly found your best friend when you can just sit in comfortable silence with them… and I would definitely say this for me and my buddies. Sometimes, especially when I’m sitting in the back, I want to just kick back and stare out of the window (trying not to be a backseat driver… yeah I’m a pretty bad passenger) or just  play games on my mobile phone… especially if the journey is taking forever.

Me and my buddies totally get this… Sometimes… When we’re not singing to tunes at the top of our lung capacities…  and if that’s not ton then I’m embracing the ‘quiet time’ – a rare moment you can only get if the kids go to sleep… And by then I am usually driving….

So…in conclusion… you can have some pretty memorable journeys with both your friends and your kids…just make sure you know your in-car games… And make sure they know you are TOTALLY in control of the playlist in the radio*


*That one MIGHT just work on adults… And might not work at all if the adult in question is an opinionated female…

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