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A Look Into The Plus Size Fashion Wars

A Look Into The Plus Size Fashion Wars

After the Channel 4 television programme Plus Size Wars was shown last night the media is full of talk regarding plus size fashion and plus size models with the amazing Tess Holiday taking centre stage after her fantastic groundbreaking signing to the top modeling agency.

Plus size women are standing up for themselves and demanding the same level of fashion offered to slimmer women.

Personally entering the world of Plus size fashion has been a real journey.

If you had told me three years ago I would be a plus size model I would have laughed out loud. I was camera shy and hated the body my illness had left me with.

I believed beauty could only be found within a size 10 body.

Then thanks to the wonderful world of blogging I came across some amazing plus size bloggers. Ladies who love their body, curves, rolls and all.

Inspiring women who believe fashion is for all regardless of the number on the label.

These blogs became the gateway to a path of self discovery. I started to experiment with fashion, breaking away from the uniform of jeans and tee shirts that I have worn for far too long.

It’s been quite a journey made easier thanks to the beautiful women who are pioneering the plus size modeling industry .

I learned what suited me, what my personal style was and how to enjoy getting dressed each day.

Step forward a year or two and I found myself on a catwalk.  Walking for the amazing plus size fashion brands Simply Be,  Apples and Pears and Topsy Curvy at two incredible plus size fashion events.  In fact I’m also going to be doing it all again this July at Style XL a fantastic fashion event being held in Birmingham this year with brands like Simply Be and Lady V. London showcasing their beautiful fashion lines.

I cannot wait.

Thankfully the fashion industry is changing and with brands realizing that women of all sizes want to dress in up to date styles. That plus size woman love fashion as much anyone.

It’s an exciting time and I’m so glad I am finally in a place where I can embrace this movement for all it is.

Wow how did I get here.

Now I’m far from being camera shy, I am loving it.

Over the last year or so I have had some incredible experiences including the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers, trying out different styles and pushing my own personal boundaries.

Every shoot is building my confidence.

Finally I am finding myself and loving my body curves and all.

I think the Plus size fashion industry is going to boom as women learn that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

I am so excited to be part of it.


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