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Seven Gone Eleven

Seven Gone Eleven

Gosh, It is hard to believe that it’s been just over a decade last Tuesday since the first post at UrbanVox…

Back then the blog used to run on a Blogger account and I had no idea where it was going… I had no idea where my life was at or how I got there… And to be completely honest, as much as I tried to reassure myself that I had some sort of idea of what I was doing, I simply had no idea…

I remember sitting at my then wife’s parents living room with a 9 month old baby in my arms trying to make any sort of sense from my life. I mean, don’t take me wrong, as it stands my life is still not perfect but  I remember how much a day without an incident felt like such a big victory. Times I started fighting depression whist trying to not let anyone notice it.

This is where UrbanVox came from… a way for me to fund my voice and try to get my thoughts in order in any way I could. A way to find sanity in a world that looked so full of chaos. I remember hoping in a year’s time everything would be different.

I contemplate that as I seat in a pub in Leeds, 232.7 miles away  from where it all began (Yes, I’ve checked the distance on Google Maps… 😉 ).

If nothing else I can most definitely say that things HAVE changed indeed! And as things changed, so did UrbanVox, and in it’s many incarnations this site has seen my kids growing up, a divorce and diverse attempts of staring over.  It has been in Top 10 rankings, and won awards. It has had a total of 54 INCREDIBLY talented bloggers writing for it, and has – literally- taken the road less traveled more times than I can count by means that are probably too many for me to even describe them all… Met far too many incredibly interesting people to even try to mention them all… And taken me into so many weird situations that I DARE NOT recount them all.

I had planned to make this post a recap of the past 11 years and a challenge for the next 11 to come, but guess what? It doesn’t matter! Life goes wherever it wants, and now I realize that so does this blog.

I might not know where we are going, but now I know where I am coming from… And I am incredibly excited to see where I am going to.

I am excited to know where I will be taking YOU next…

And I am INCREDIBLY excited to have some amazing new people taking this journey WITH US.


And many many returns!!!!

Carpe Diem!


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