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Building Underway

Building Underway

Once upon a time there were two Wild Beans!
One day, tired of the never ending rat race they left the Big Smoke in search of a healthier and fuller life by the sea!
These are the adventures they will go through as they venture the Southsea Life.

Events, Nightlife, The best places to eat, drink, shop, visit and stay as as they discover it themselves!

We are still working the last kinks in the website, but please add us to your bookmarks and social media channels.

We will be up and running soon!!!


About The Author

The Head Honcho at UrbanVox and Social Media Mad-Man & Gadget Freak should define him in a nutshell – “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most. Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and Lego Fan all in one big package. Usually the guy you will be talking to on Twitter @urbanvox

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