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our #goproextremeldn adventure

our #goproextremeldn adventure

A few weeks ago we were invited by the boys and girls at GoPro and Currys PC World to go on an adventure in London Town to show that it is possible to have and extremely good time without leaving the big smoke.

They contacted us and presented us with 2 options: to go free running with the pros and Parkour Generations or what water rafting in the river Thames with London Rib Experience.

exciting huh?!?!

Honestly,I would have chosen the free running thing without a doubt, but after conferring with Brook (and finding out just how much it terrifies her) we went with rafting.

About a week later our tickets for London Rib Experience booking arrived and we were all set to head back down to a whole day in London Town to remember.

we recorded the whole experience on the brand new GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition the Currys Team sent us and my old GoPro Hero 3+ Black.

The result, is at follows (sorry for the long videos and lack of editing… My laptop died and my new Alcatel Pop 4 phone is rubbish memory wise and with then we moved and ran out of time to edit so you get the whole experience in 3 parts. (2 videos on the GoPro 4 and then Brook’s highlights on e GoBro 3).

anyway… Enough faffing about! Hope you enjoy!!!

Part 1: London Bound

We spent the morning walking by the London Southbank catching all the Pokemons and doing artsy stuff while we drank beer and ate popcorn.

It was fun! And gave us a chance to chill in anticipation for all the fun that was about to come on

Part 2: Getting Wet and Wild

Brook’s reactions are THE BEST, and yes, there were some tears but I am I’m so very proud of her for conquering her fears! And joining me for the GoPro London Extreme

If you want to see what the other bloggers involved in he project did, search for the hashtag #goproldnextreme on pretty much EVERY social media outlets you can think and imagine.

For more ideas on Rad things to do in London, GoPro came up with the infographic below:


So, conclusion… YES you CAN have and extreme adventure in London Town! And when you do it, take a GoPro from Curry PC World to record your experience and let us know what you are up to! We’d love to check it out too!

Ah… To check Brook’s POV videos go check her blog!

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  1. YAY, just seen this!
    You so owe me your old GoPro for getting you the newer one 😉


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