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The One About The Hairy Baby and The Bald Man

The One About The Hairy Baby and The Bald Man

I was born a hairy baby! My mum never tires to tell the story of how I was born with those beautiful blonde locks that made me look like one of those little cherubs baroque artists used to put in all their artwork.

And apparently because I was such a hairy baby, I used to cause no end of morning sickness to her too, as she reminds me all the time.

I was talking to Brook about it the other day. She’s been feeling “sick as a dog” as she describes it. We were joking about how much Baby Bean would have to answer for when he pops out. Specially if he’s a hairy baby like me, in which case I will have a lot to answer for too, I’m guessing… gulps

The somehow the conversation turned, like only Brook can do these days, and it went into something like “I’m losing so much hair in this pregnancy!” whilst showing me the hairbrush full of multi colored hair strings.

She asked me if I’d still love her if she went bald. Mostly because she has somehow decided she is going bald so she decided she is just going to shave her head. – and before you ask… I doubt she’d ever shave her hair,  She’d get too bored of it not changing colors, you see… Though… My wild imagination would picture her painting her bald head just because pretty colors… xD

This got me thinking though… I’m getting old… And though I joke A LOT about my best friend’s hair dwindling more every day, I have started to notice that my sides have started to rescind themselves… Am I destined to go bald in my old age?!?!

Genetics would dictate not as my dad is still one hairy dude… Though… I gotta say my grandpa went as bald as a leprechaun!

I’ve asked Brook if she’d still love me if I want bald. Her answer was “Or course I would!”. When I asked if she’d still love me if I went and did a hair transplant her answer was ” HAHAHAHAHA…” Followed by “Of course id still love you and id support you in your choices 😘” Which I am sure came with a small chuckle in the background…

The boys in other hand, I’m sure would poke no end of fun outta me… As they do…. OF that I am sure!

Funny that the guys from Crown Clinic  decided to send us some info within a few hours of this whole debacle! Did you know that:

  • Men wait until 35 before they starting fretting about the ageing process – the same age as Tom Hiddleston
  • Almost two-thirds of women (64%) are agonising about their fading youth as they approach their 30th birthday.
  • Fears over the ageing process don’t hit most men till six years later – at the age of 35.
  • By 35, 62% of men fear they are over the hill
  • A third of men (34%) would also consider surgery with a hair transplant the number one option.
  • More young men are now seeking surgery to improve their looks with the average age for hair transplants down to 42 from 47 five years ago.
  • There has been a 25% increase in under-30s seeking help – down to the ‘Wayne Rooney effect’ with young men copying the England football captain by bolstering their hair with a transplant.
  • Men first go grey at 33 – a year earlier than women;

Yup… Makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Way I see it though, old age will arrive to us all sooner or later… Be it in the way we look or the way we act… And even when I go gray and bald, I hope I can still be young in my mind… And I say that knowing that I am more and more settled in my old man ways… xD

How about you? Would you go Wayne Rooney or Bruce Willis?!?! 😉

Carpe Diem!


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