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Wow! That’s a tonne of Exposure!

Wow! That’s a tonne of Exposure!

I always get excited when I get emails from PR agencies with new projects I can take part on. Be it for them being fun things to do or to eat – I love project where I can eat stuff –  or the occasional good cause, or be it for the money – What?!?! Come on… Getting paid for work you do would excite you too wouldn’t it?!?!

And then there are emails like the one I received this morning. It started with:

Hi there,
 I was just browsing Urban Vox and as I was reading your site, I noticed you mentioned tech (, and so I thought you might also be interested in linking to a resource we put together on the ways technology is improving your health. (…)

Which is great… And by there I was already inclined to tell them “cool  send it over…” when I scrolled down a bit to find THIS line:

 (…) If you were willing to add our link to that page, I would be more than happy to share it to our tens of thousands of social followers to help you gain some more visibility in exchange.

Well… Dear PR… I’m sorry, but there are quite a few things wrong with that sentence… First one being that, if you read the post, you would know that IT IS a sponsored post… Which has been paid for… Which means that adding another link to it to a different client’s post sounds pretty wrong to me… Even worse when you ask me to do it FOR FREE…

Oh wait… it is not for free is it? You asked me to do it in exchange for “visibility”… That made me laugh a little… Mainly because it reminded me of a comic strip I saw once…

Yes my dear PR… Exposure is great… But you can’t buy hotdogs with exposure can you!?!?

Always pisses me off the way people think intellectual property is not worth a damn… Even if the intellectual property we are talking about is a blog… I mean… Go ask The Rolling Stone Magazine or Vanity Fair Magazine if you can have an ad or a line talking about your product in their publications for free… You wouldn’t dare offering them Exposure in exchange… would you?

If you would then I shall tip my hat because YOU GOT SOME BALLS! Your balls would be laughed at but all the same… You do have cojones mi carnal…

And I am sorry if I am singling out this poor PR agent that is trying to do her job and all… But it is starting to get on my nerves how many times I get the same sort of proposals in my inbox…

And then I had a brainfart and something else crossed my mind…

Did you ever watch the Dark Mirror episode Nosedive?!?! Here, check this featurette…

Set in an alternative reality where people can rate one another using their phones, and where one’s ratings can impact his entire life, it tells the story of Lacie, a young woman overly obsessed with her ratings who, after being chosen by her popular childhood friend as the maid of honor for her wedding, sees it as an opportunity to improve her ratings and achieve her dreams.

Are we turning into a society like the one depicted in the series?

The more I think, the more I’m Inclined to believe we are… I mean, we already check into every place we go and rate them according to our own experiences and we do the same with people and their experiences shared online, and the more “likes” these people get in their experiences in life, the more prestige they can get, and in some cases, the more they can charge to have those experiences that, in some cases are paid for by the sponsorship they get from the big corporations already.

Is the “LIKE” the currency of the future? No… maybe the question should be if the “like” is the currency of the present and we just don’t know it yet?!

For the yes, or for the no, please feel free to like this post, share it, subscribe to my feed and rate the heck outta me so I too can go and answer to emails like the one on top with “SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYYY”.

PS: Sorry if I went a little Jerry Maguire on you there… but… Yeah… I got a little over-excited… you know how it goes 😉

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