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What National Holidays Should Exist?

What National Holidays Should Exist?

Did you know that 26th March is national make up your own holiday day?

The possibilities are endless and you don’t need an online casino to work it out, so we decided to list the top ten National Holidays we think should exist:

National Scooter Appreciation Day

H.P. Baxxter and the gang have always been heralded as national treasures in their native Germany, but this appreciation isn’t limited to the western European giants. Scooter have provided the world with hours upon hours of poetry that would have the most notable Poet Laureate cursing their talent. With lyrics such as “It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, it must be Dave who’s on the train” and “I’m the candyman, also known as Dave, Dave from Sheffield” it’s quite easy to understand why we think there should be a National Scooter Appreciation Day in the calendar in 2017!

National Double Denim Day

Double denim is often be seen as the ultimate faux pas in fashion. The reason the public think that it shouldn’t be attempted is that there are a small group of people in the world who understand how utterly majestic it looks and started a campaign to have it frowned upon so they could go about their business looking awesome and nobody would be any the wiser. We’re on to you, guys. Looking at how amazing Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake looked here in 2001 proved the point that if you’re bold enough, you can look awesome in double denim. National Double Denim Day 2017 anyone?

National Big Sam Appreciation Day

When Sam Allardyce is compared to every single other manager in the history of the England National football team he comes out on top. Boasting a win percentage of 100%, the next closest on the list is Fabio Capello with 76.19% and current incumbent Gareth Southgate in third with a 75% win ratio. Let’s face it though, none of the others on the list have a holiday home in the Costa Blanca named “Big Sam’s Villa” and none of them have ever been filmed busting a move in a holiday village, drink in hand. We’ll forget about the minor indiscretion of publicly embarrassing the FA and England national team, because, let’s face it, they do that to themselves at every tournament anyway.

National Sleep Day

Having looked, we can see that there is already a ‘Festival of Sleep Day’ in the calendar, scheduled in for 3rd January however this has not been done correctly. That day is to think about sleeping habits and for the appreciation of sleep, what we’re suggesting is a full day that is made to sleep continuously. You can go to sleep the day before, as you usually would and hibernate for the entirety of the following day. This day needs no other explanation. Sleep.

National Cliché Day

As a race we’re a fan of a cliché anyway so this shouldn’t be too difficult, but we think it would be comedy gold if you could only talk in clichés for the entire day. You probably have someone you know who does this already, feel free to try and mimic them if you can keep up. You’d be ‘literally’ ‘taking the bull by the horns’ in the morning followed by a few ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ in the afternoon to the final ‘at the end of the day’ before bed. You could even incorporate a forfeit in the event you couldn’t manage to complete the day completely in cliché!

National Claudio Ranieri Day

The ‘Tinker Man’ as he’s affectionately known deserves some serious recognition for his achievements over the past year-or-so.  He played a massive part in what is commonly known as “greatest fairy tale in the history of team sport” so the enigmatic Italian fully deserves to be on this list. He took a team that was considered relegation fodder from the depths of the league to winning the Barclays Premier League in a year against odds of 5000-1. He’s not just on the list for his work though. We think he deserves it for the way he says “dilly ding, dilly dong” too!

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