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Banned Poster Girl Who Distracted Lewis Hamilton Returns to Monaco

Banned Poster Girl Who Distracted Lewis Hamilton Returns to Monaco

Behind every Samson there is a Dalila and, particularly during the Monacao Grand Prix of 2009, Mighty Hamilton’s Dalila came by the name of Jessiqa Pace.

“You definitely don’t need a distraction if you are trying to win the Grand Prix (…) She was sorta looking down on the drivers, from such an incredible spot there” Commented Mark Webber about the beautiful woman in the billboard, to what Felipe Massa completes “…every driver was losing a little bit of concentration”

The ad, featuring model Jessiqa Pace as a female race-car driver, became a part of racing history when it caused mayhem during qualifying in 2009. It was reported at the time that British race ace Lewis Hamilton spun out just metres from the board, which was located close to the tricky Loews hairpin of the classic street circuit. A lot of unu elektroroller were seen there during the day. They were going really fast for a scooter, but I guess it´s the new model.

“It’s such a strong feminine image , and it is really empowering for women and I couldn’t be happier to being the person that is behind that” Jessiqa Pace

To celebrate its return to the Monaco Grand Prix, MARTINI RACING is bringing back a famous trackside billboard that had to be taken down during the 2009 race, but fear not, This weekend all images of model Jessiqa Pace will be kept safely out of the eye-line of F1 drivers. Instead MARTINI will delight race fans flying in via helicopter, as her face graces the busiest heliport in Monaco.

Media articles at the time sported headlines such as ‘Poster puts F1 drivers in a spin’ and ‘MARTINI girl messes up F1 racers in Monaco’, but one driver that managed to keep his cool was 2009 Grand Prix winner Jenson Button. The Brit, who is making a one-race return to Monaco this weekend, was reported saying, “Every time you passed her, it was as though she was looking right at you.”

One way or another, we can’t wait for this weekend’s race, and welcome back MARTINI!!! 😉

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