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3D Gaming Will Soon Be The Hottest Thing In Tech

3D Gaming Will Soon Be The Hottest Thing In Tech

Tech industries move so quickly that it can almost be difficult to recognize trends before they’ve come and gone, or at least settled in. And we might be in the midst of that kind of journey with regard to 3D gaming, but looking ahead, this form of entertainment could end up being the biggest story in tech in the next year or so.

We’ve begun to see a lot of on-screen 3D experiences being translated into virtual reality formats that facilitate actual 3D viewing. For instance, consider Bethesda’s Fallout 4, which was one of the biggest video games of 2016 (though it came out late in 2015). On ordinary consoles, it was one of the most impressive games we’ve seen from a graphics standpoint. But it has recently been adapted to be suitable for VR devices, and though the new version is not without its flaws, it succeeds in creating a fully immersive 3D atmosphere. In other words, you’re not just looking at a screen on which characters and settings appear to be 3D; you’re stepping into a 3D environment with them.

And it’s not just happening with console games. Another major area of experimentation with these concepts has been the online casino market, which caters to millions of people around the globe. For some time now, casino sites have hosted slot games featuring cutting-edge 3D graphics that enhance animation and create a more engrossing, movie-like experience for players. But now we’re seeing this same concept brought to new levels, through the introduction of “live” gaming options (in which players view human dealers and tables through a screen) and even some early instances of VR casinos. Once again, we’re moving from viewing 3D graphics to being among them.

But the step that’s going to make 3D gaming such a big deal in the coming year isn’t about jumping into 3D gaming environments. Rather, it’s about inviting elements of these games into our own 3D world. This is something that has already been done to successful effect with the release of Pokémon GO. That game almost seems simple in retrospect, and the fun part of it went beyond the fact that Pokémon were back for a generation that grew up adoring them. It was also that, for the first time, we saw projections of the adorable little monsters in our own homes, yards, and environments. The game took an extraordinarily bold and innovative step by using AR to bring 3D game characters into the “real” world.

The Pokémon GO wave has come and gone in some respects, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t spark a larger trend. Rumor has it Apple is working hard on establishing itself as the true pioneer of mobile AR, and there are even said to be NASA scientists helping create Apple AR glasses. These could be released as soon as this fall, alongside the iPhone 8, and given that everything Apple-related is huge news, some feel they could help AR in terms of leapfrogging VR.

It’s worth mentioning that Apple isn’t just looking into AR for gaming purposes. But it will be up to game designers to figure out how to use the new technology (and potentially new glasses) to craft new experiences. It’s going to be a booming business, and one that should dominate tech headlines in the year ahead.

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