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James Bondify Your Life

James Bondify Your Life

By Avery Phillips

You could be a little more “James Bond” by doing everything sleekly, quickly, and luxuriously. Who wouldn’t want to be a little fancier, completing everything like a well-groomed panther? To take a break from the ordinary.

You can bring some Bond into your life without spending that much money. Dress well, get informed, set yourself up for success, and enjoy what you do.

Dress Well

Dressing well doesn’t mean spending a bucketload on your wardrobe, but James Bond dresses for the occasion and chooses easy options that work. Dressing appropriately means no fedoras and cargo pants combo, but choosing fabrics and colors that flatter your face, and dressing in appropriate shapes for the occasion. Even Bond wore a variety of suits for the occasion — and once, even a romper!

Putting clothing that fits you on your body is pretty easy for guys, and if you have no idea what your color/ fabric scheme is, you can hire a professional who will give you a little booklet of colors/fabrics to guide you when shopping or take a variety of online tests. If you no longer had to deal with what looked good on you and always looked great, wouldn’t it be awesome. Plus, dressing the part is the easiest part of being Bond. When color and fabric figured out, all you’re left with is seasonal utility and shape.

Know What You’re Dealing With

Like a boyscout, Bond is always prepared. There’s a magical moment when you can pull out the exact tool someone needed like it’s nothing. Knowing what you’re going to deal with and being prepared for it is so freakin’ Bond. How can you be prepared for the everyday?

Invest in a bag, a nice bag. Not a backpack (unless you are a hiker) and bring some essentials in it. At the bare minimum, you should have a snack, a pen, a charger for your mobile device, and the obvious: your phone, keys, and wallet.

It also means being well-informed. What is the weather going to be like, who are the people you’re meeting with, and are you going to know what your talking about? Knowing these basics can help you convey that you are as capable and prepared as an MI6 operative.

Being physically and mentally prepared will help you seem smart and accomplished. Bond wouldn’t be caught dead without his gun, and you shouldn’t be caught dead asking to borrow a phone charger when you know your phone always dies at work or asking for something obvious.

Drive Something That Moves

Cars break. Tires pop. Things happen. You are probably not ice racing like Bond, but you will need a functional car that serves a purpose. Bond stayed calm and focused on the task at hand and drove several speedy little beasts. You probably won’t need the speed, as you won’t be sliding through a couple cars on two wheels or driving off a building, but a car that can take the elements you throw at it is important. If James was running a commute and paying for gas, he wouldn’t be caught in a gas-guzzler. Even when on ice, he pops out some snow tire studs, always prepared.

Driving like Bond doesn’t mean risky high-speed chases on the freeway, it means remaining calm, collected, and focused in a car that will serve your needs. If that need is to race on the ice, go with something fast, and get some snow tires.

Keep Security In Mind

James Bond’s whole deal is global security. You don’t have to be concerned with it as much (unless you are an international spy), but meeting your own safety needs is a great start.

You can start with your financial security by checking the permissions on the apps you download, purchasing from dependable sites online, getting a new card with an EMV chip, and dealing with businesses that confirm your identity through online signatures. Financial security gives you more control over your assets, allowing you to make more money and be a fancy old Bond by putting some cash into your retirement fund. Financial security is a great way to bring your life up a notch, be a little smoother, a little less nervous about everything.

You can also secure your house. Not a big deal, since crime is at an all time low, but turning one of your old phones into a security camera is a good cheap place to start. The obvious door locking and window closing will help you avoid detection. As usual, you shouldn’t announce your home address along with pictures of your valuables of social media or online.

The biggest thing you can do to increase the amount of safety and security in your life is to talk, call, or email your senators, congresspeople, and local officials. Some of the biggest dangers are within your community. Some big ones that affect people nationwide are a lack of public transport (automobiles are a big killer) and a lack of mental health services (suicide and crime spike without mental health services). Addressing these larger issues is a great way to create a safer neighborhood.

Enjoy the Little Moments

Enjoying the little moments is what prevents Bond from falling apart. He sunbathes, drinks like a fish, and goes to exotic locations, all while under the stress of saving the world. Those little moments along the way are what prevent him from going absolutely crazy; when he takes his terrible martini, when he’s laying on the beach, when he’s escaped on a speedboat with a babe in arm, he’s savoring the moment. If he wasn’t, he’d go mad.

Life is stressful, enjoy your little moments without madness. It’ll help you be less stressed and give you a little more Bond smoothness.

James Bond is smooth. He’s well dressed, he’s a dirty hero. You can be a little more like him. Dress a little better, be more prepared, and enjoy your little moments. It’ll make you appear suave, reduce stress, and leave you ready for whatever is coming your way (even if it’s a gold-obsessed evil villain).


About our Guest Author: Avery Phillips is a unicorn of a human being who loves all things nature (including human). Comment down below or tweet her @a_taylorian.

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