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Want to Be your own boss? Check those 5 Startup trends for 2017

Want to Be your own boss? Check those 5 Startup trends for 2017


Okay, I have a confession to make. Working for “The man” is such hard work… Specially when the The Man is a big corporation from America that pushes their americanisms down your throat… I am not complaining, they are lovely Americans with lovely americanisms (need to cover my ass in case they read this and reprobate me like they did one time I geotagged myself on Instagram), but after having worked for myself for 15 years, I gotta admit that I miss the freedom…

Have you ever had that burning need to “Sticking it to the man”? Well… I have some good news for you! 2o17 might be your year!

Fancy taking a step into the wild side? Well… Fear not my friends! I have the solution for your dilemmas!

Check out these trends I found whilst scouring the internet in search for a new adventure!

Brexit consultant

With the process to begin Britain’s exit from the EU slated for March, businesses will need plenty of advice on regulatory and legislative changes

Despite voting to leave the European Union (EU) in June last year, the UK’s withdrawal from the 28 member bloc has yet to happen – generating a considerable amount of uncertainty in the business world.

For the time being, UK businesses are still acting under EU laws but Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) is likely to introduce some major legislative changes that businesses will have no choice but to adapt to.

Luckily, this uncertainty offers a potentially huge opportunity for a savvy consultant or human resources professional to become a Brexit consultant.

With changes to tax, import and export tariffs, and employment law likely, businesses are going to need to undertake a significant overhaul of their internal structures, systems and strategies – which is where advice and guidance from a Brexit consultant will come in useful.

I know… Boring, right? Is what I thought anyway… But if it rocks your boat, there’s plenty of chance to make a few bucks out of it!



With rising popularity for experiences and products that help us regress to our youth, you could make a killing by maximizing on childhood nostalgia…

Stress levels are soaring across the UK. In a survey of 2,000 Brits, National Accident Helpline found that 48% of people feel more stressed now than they did in January 2016, while 18% of UK workers are reported to have taken time off for stress.

To escape this stress and the drudgery of 9-5 life, a unique solution is being employed – namely taking the activities, toys and products that we once loved as kids and re-imagining them for grown-ups.

Brands, publishers, restaurants, and even nightclubs have begun to realise a longing among adults, particularly the millennial generation, for concepts that remind them of childhood; free of responsibilities and the worries of adult life.

I have this idea, for example, to open an adventure playground for adults only… Shhhhh… Tell no one! Million £ idea here mate!!! Take note of that!

Men’s haircare

Men’s haircare has been limited to clippers and gel but a new dawn of male grooming has arrived. Any big bearded hipster man knows it takes time and special care to keep that big yarn on your face shiny and healthy!

But… Could you find success in men’s haircare?

2017 is the year of the groomed man. In the past two years, the UK has given more attention to men’s haircare as the lumberjack style beard became a fashion staple and ‘the man bun’ and ‘fades’ became common phrases in men’s hair styling.

No longer seen as taboo, a number of men are keen to find products that will not only give them a certain look but also keep their hair in tip-top condition, meaning they are willing to spend more than ever.

In light of this new attitude to grooming, men’s haircare is becoming a massive market which presents entrepreneurs with the chance to profit from this changing male aesthetic – because he’s worth it too…

Why it’s a good business idea?

The men’s haircare and grooming market has seen exponential growth as men embrace beauty products that were once traditionally the domain of female consumers.

In 2016, Mintel reported that the men’s haircare market is forecast to grow 11% over the next five years to reach £94m by 2020.

This is not just an increase in the amount of products being used but a whole new segment of products that can be marketed at men. For example, 22% of 16-24 year olds who use haircare products say they use heated styling appliances.

Funny how things just… FLIP huh?

Alternative fitness

With the fitness industry booming, now is the time to establish your own brand of alternative fitness classes and work out to achieve business success…

Us Brits are becoming increasingly conscious of the dangers of obesity and many of us are looking for fitness regimes that will keep us motivated and actually help us reach our fitness goals.

Today, one in eight people in the UK use fitness clubs with 52% likely to attend classes three or more times a week, while 35% will attend one to two classes a week.

Yell has reported that there was a 50% increase in the number of searches for ‘jive classes’ across 2016 and 2015 with spikes in August and October and this points to a wider trend of people seeking out fun-filled fitness classes that stray from traditional fitness classes like spin, yoga and pilates.

 As an example, I can site the brilliant girls at Folly Mixtures that came up with Burlexercise (which, by the way… I’ve been dying to check out… What?!?! You know I love me some Burlesque!)


 Start a low-alcohol or alcohol free beer brand

Brits are shaking off our traditional tags of lager louts and becoming more discerning drinkers. While ‘dry January’ has been popular for years now, recent research suggests many people are extending this custom all year round – with the low and non-alcohol beer industry growing 19.5% in the UK over the past year. A cultural shift in people’s attitudes to teetotalism, particularly among millennials, and no doubt influenced by the growing number of health-conscious and gym-going consumers, means even the giants of the drinks trade are starting to take notice.

Last July, Diageo invested in seedlip, producer of the “world’s first distilled non-alcohol spirit”, signalling its first ever venture into the alcohol-free market. Elsewhere, Britvic launched an incubator with the task of discovering premium soft drinks for adults – both signs it’s not just larger that’s going sober. Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn recently released a 0% pale ale, alcohol-free wine brand Eisberg added a sparkling white and rosé to its range, and Dry Drinker allows users order mixed cases of pioneer-friendly beer. With 31% of UK consumers having tried alcohol-free beer, and 19%admitting they can’t tell the difference between that and the real thing, opportunities are aplenty for those looking to brew or distil their own.

And the best of all… If you do drink some of your supply you won’t regret it in the morning!

There are plenty of brand new trends that you can follow in the market! And if you need help deciding on which is the best for you, you can always consult with great professionals like Trevor McClintock to check which one could be the best for you!

As someone that has been there and done it, and who is, right now, considering venturing into business again, I’d say is definitely worth taking a look at…

As I always say, Carpe Diem!!!!



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