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The Ultimate BBQ Shed

The Ultimate BBQ Shed

I know that Winter is Coming – lets face it, it’s been coming for a log while now – but there is still time to enjoy those last little bits of summer. An there is nothing that shouts more SUMMER than a succulent BBQ and a cold Brewky!

And we all know that the BBQ is MAN territory – hate me as much as you want this is the truth! – and I have video evidence to support my claim!

Badger Ale has been producing a video series on ultimate beer sheds. The first video was about the Ultimate Rugby Shed (You can watch that video here) This time, Badger is showcasing the most awesome Ultimate BBQ Shed, which features two beer fridges, a BBQ tool rack, and of course a state of the art BBQ.

I Want one!!!! And that is all I have to say in the matter!

Carpe Diem!

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