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It was one of those days – you know the kinda day I mean… One of those slow days at work, where you got nothing better to do apart from thinking of better things you’d rather to be doing? –  Yeah, it was one of those…

I don’t know how it started, but we were all siting seating in our desks and just taking turns, in between phone calls, to just shout one thing we  would rather be doing at that precise moment. The general consensus was “being in bed”… Which is a prospect that was starting to to sound more and more attractive as the hours go by.

It was when someone shouted “BINGO!”. Which made all the heads in the room turn in the same direction.

At first I thought she was playing bingo online and had hit the jackpot or something – to be fair, I didn’t even know if bingo HAS jackpots until Brook explained it to me – But she was just announcing what she’d rather be doing.  It turns out those were her plans for the evening. Apparently he has mad skills for the game…

Me, in the other hand, seem to have none… No seriously… I remember playing bingo when I was a kid, but it was more about putting bins on top of numbers with my cousins and seeing where it took me than it was actually knowing what I was doing.

I thought it was all about luck, which I seemed to never have.

Apparently there are a whole set of skills and strategy involved into it – which Brook says she will teach me some day… somebody say: DATE NIIIIGH!

We all know now I have no bingo skills… But how about you?

If you could grade your online bingo skills, where would you place yourself? Expert, Fair or Poor. One of the key skills that you need to master when playing bingo at home or in the halls is a good understanding of bingo calls.

Guess these 10 bingo calls and see where you place good luck.

You know… Carpe Diem!!!

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The Head Honcho at UrbanVox and Social Media Mad-Man & Gadget Freak should define him in a nutshell – “I Feel naked without my iPhone” Would be the quote that defines him the most. Super dad to 3 monkeys, photographer, designer, dreamer and Lego Fan all in one big package. Usually the guy you will be talking to on Twitter @urbanvox

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